Why not show the version xbox one "standard" version or Forza 7 ???

Why not show the xboxone S version ??? Maybe why do you have to lose potential sales?!? Or just because you did not dedicate the same care to version X?!? And you are afraid to do bad shape … I and many other very disappointed users do not book it (so do not buy it) unless you show the S version! Are you afraid to show it?!? P.S. I kept xboxone S ONLY for Forza 7 (the rest I do not care …) and I do not buy it if I do not see it. I hope some of you answer me … otherwise xbox closed with me.

Maybe because they’re trying to hype/sell a new console? I think it’d be a safe bet that FM7 is similar looking FM6 maybe a bit more polished on the standard Xbox. Oh and there’s not 2 versions of the game, it’s the same game for both consoles.

Edit: there will also be a demo before release so you can see how it looks yourself before purchasing.

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You have too much confidence in microsoft … I just believe in what I see and the concrete facts!

What do you mean too much faith? It’s not like they started from scratch. and as I said there will be a demo out on the regular Xbox before the games releases so I don’t really get why you’re freaking out. To think that it won’t “look” good on the standard xbox is laughable since the X won’t drop for a month after FM7 release. Why would a company show of a product at 1080 when they can show it off in 4k?

You may be misunderstanding something. The game is the same for every console, the only difference is the resolution (1080p on the Xbox One S vs 4k on the Xbox One X). FM7 on the One S will look better than than FM6 did due to improvements enabled from Xbox One X development: https://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postsm732238_Dynamic-Features-for-One-vs-S-vs-X-vs-PC-versions.aspx#post_732238


Then let them also see the S version! What are they afraid of?

Maybe they’re afraid of an overreaction.


Yes … “overreaction” … like that to sell the console …

I don’t understand the point you’re trying to make. The game video you’ve already seen was only at the resolution of the device you watched it on. Theres only one version of FM7.

I’m also not sure why it comes as a surprise that MS want to showcase the new hardware. They’ve spent millions developing it and in any case, we all know what games look like on our current hardware.

Perhaps some footage in black and white demonstrating what it’ll look like on a 1950s cathode ray TV would be helpful :confused:


OP is acting like the standard Xbox One version will look like Ridge Racer, LOL.

It’ll look about the same as FM6, maybe a bit better.

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This post made me facepalm so hard I have a migraine now.


I rolled my eyes so hard they made a noise


Dude. It’s the same game on two different consoles. It’s like GTA V on Xbox 360 compared to One. It looks better on the One because its hardware is better than the 360s. The X is WAY ahead of One AND S in terms of visual capabilities. They could just really not care and decide to make all previous iteration games non capatible with the X hardware. But no. They(T10 and Microsoft) decided to be nice. So stop complaining and realize what you have.

GTA V between different console generations is not the correct analogy here and in fact would tend to reinforce the OP’s incorrect belief.

FM7 will to all intents and purposes look and play identically on an Xbox One S to an Xbox One X, apart from resolution. That’s it.

Why so desperate ? They’re trying to sell the new Xbox One X, and they need as MUCH titles/games running on that hardware so more people buy it, which includes, Forza Motorsport 7. It’s the same game, hell, I couldn’t see a massive difference from the Forza 7 on One X captures to Forza 6 on Xbox One. I also want to see PC gameplay as well, but I know its the same game as one that plays on One X, One S and One. The game also launches way earlier (a month) than One X, so most youtubers and coverage will be on One S/One or PC, and console only players can only play on One/S.

And they already confirmed that, thanks to developing on One X, Forza 7 looks better on One S/One and lower end PCs.

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The point is that MICROSOFT is accustomed to killing its “old” consoles … they always did it … they did it with the first xbox … they did it with xbox360 … and, much more, they will do it With the one representing their failure. And then … if the version for one s was really like you say, cured and improved then it would be a boon for microsoft! And it would greatly help sales! But they do not… Which brings the talk to their bad habit of doing. I want to believe it’s all beautiful as you say … since I’m holding the console solely by forza 7 … but if it was as I say (and it is very likely …) then I’m banging consoles from the window and Microsoft never want to hear it again.

ay? you what?? …you’ve already been given the correct information from Manteomax, why continue?


Why who is he? A microsft manager? He knows exactly what I know! With the only certainty that microst is used to behaving as I said … so there is little to trust.
If they are so sure about the product then they MUST show it.

I have to completely disagree with you there mate.

They don’t ‘kill’ earlier versions, no more than any other technological company that comes up with new te h ology.

I’ve got every Xbox they have made. From the first Big Black Box, I actually only have Collectors editions, no black ones.

But anyhow, they all still work, I can play various games from different consoles on previous ones without any issues. And, like any technological company, they must pull online support after 5-7 years due to heavy changes. And the diminished numbers using said console.

Why do you believe MS is trying to fo you out of something?

They are simply offering a game, the SAME game, that can be played on 2 previous models, and one future model. That allows those who don’t want to buy a new model the ability to play the game, have it play in 1080p, look great, and have all the effects that the newer model will have. With the exception of what the new model will allow.

Don’t you think that a company has the right to push its new t4ch, ? What’s wrong with that.?

If YOU owned a company that had spent years developing, which it has, wouldn’t you want to, let’s say, sell it to,those that want it?

If the answer is no, then please, don’t get into business, as you’all go broke very quickly.

I’m just hoping they will come out with a Forza 7 Xbox One X model on November 7. Much like they did with the Xbox One. They did it in the same time frame as well.

So I’d be betting that they;l certainly be thinking about it, and I’ll be placing a pre-order for one soon as pre-orders become available from my local JB HI-FI…

I just think that microsof should have more respect for its users than for years have given him money and trust him! But this is not typical of their way of doing … and, if they do not demonstrate the version for one s in time for the reservation preorder, then I (and many others like me) will not buy it … and seeing that This game is the only reason I have not sold this console yet, I think I will sell it as soon as possible.