why no text chat?

this is a multiplayer game i want to talk with people… random words is not talking to people


This is probably to reduce the chance of toxicity. Give a multiplayer game unrestricted chat, you’re bound to get toxicity. Give them funny/wholesome phrases? No toxicity.

If you want to talk with people, enable your mic.

This is a smart game design decision honestly, they don’t need to worry about banning people for being idiots, and whatever you might say, in ANY multiplayer game there is a 100% someone will use a racial slur, or be an idiot.


fine then use censorship…but not being able to talk at all it’s just lame, i never seen a multiplayer game where you can’t talk with people… this is weird

How is it weird?
This is the first Forza game to offer this option and one of very few Xbox games.
There is nothing stopping you from using a mic.

I understand your frustration and yes, it definitely is a compromise. It’s a consequence of the sad reality wherein people on the internet will generally be toxic and ignorant because they are shielded by anonymity.

There are multiple games that employ the same, or different tactics. I think Rocket League uses a similar system? That’s just off the top of my head, but I can look into it more and provide a more comprehensive list.

I suggest you get accustomed to this, as it is the best solution to a problem that can plague an entire game (see Overwatch or any MOBA)

EDIT: Just realized Fortnite, the biggest multiplayer game out there right now, doesn’t have text chat either. Same reasons I suspect. Aimed at a more immature audience, bound to have toxicity.

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it’s funny since talking on the mic is available… pretty sure people can be toxic on the mic, and they can be muted…same thing can happen on text chat…

this whole thing really doesn’t make any sense… like at all

and rocket league has a proper text chat

It’s probably even deeper than this… prevents illegal dealings and other questionable interactions.

the game promotes social interaction but you can’t talk with people lol… that’s like going at mcdonalds and you can’t eat burgers


That’s oversimplifying things a bit, but I understand you exaggerate to make a point.

I understand you are upset but if you look at this in a strictly pragmatic fashion, there are other ways to express yourself. Phrases, with your car, the mic, etc.

To respond using the same analogy you used - McDonald’s have a menu. Unrestricted text chat would would be the same as going to McDonald’s and being able to order ANYTHING you want. I want 15 beef patties with 10 kilograms of mustard and a boat made of french fries. But you can’t do that. They have a set menu you can order from. That set menu is equivalent to FH4’s chat phrases.

If you don’t like the menu, don’t eat there.

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You ever played multiplayer games on PC, like Call of Duty or Battlefield? These have unrestricted text chat. The only restrictions are just the same as the Xbox terms of service, ie. nothing offensive. You also have the option to disable the chat appearing if you don’t want to participate or to read other people’s comments.

I appreciate this could be problematic in a cross platform game where only PCs have keyboards though.

Funny enough there is one that don’t sale burgers

They use a series of phrases so it’s universal and available to anyone regardless of language. Also it would be very difficult to type out a sentence in the middle of a race.
Full text chat is extremely rare in console games so I am not sure why you expect this game to have it, we use a mic for most communication on console.

if no text chat is due to toxicity and racism then why is talking on the mic available? you can’t be racist on the mic?

i don’t understand this logic

You can use XBL to send text messages to others if that’s what you’d like to do.

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do i gotta minimize the game to do that?

Just use the Xbox app on your phone

I think this phrase alone proves why free chat should not be included.

How else would you send a text message. It would be impossible to have a text box pop be able to input a message without losing control of the game. So yes it would have to “minimize” the game to do that. Why wouldn’t you just use the mic like everyone else.

The console versions of those games don’t allow that though do they?


Even with “Forzathon Live” it would be better to hear, talk and interact with the other players! This game is far to quiet and is getting old/boring real quick!!!