Why no super group?

So I’m drinking right now and playing forza.

Why isn’t there a “super” group of tuners that start a garage or collaborate more frequently to produce some very serious tunes?

Tunes that have been tested and tweaked by a variety of knowledgeable and well known tuners.

Okay I can think of at least one reason, but the idea is a garage filled with some well known tuners. That would make a very credible garage for the community.

You’d get a very very well rounded car with insights from a variety of tuners.

P.S There are very’s in my post so it’s not to downplay those with garages already or just tune solo.

We collaborate…

Ain’t noooo tellin’

the days of having a giant tuning group on these forums are long gone , i know a bunch of tuners and they collaborate through party chat or other sites . just message them and they will come (i know bad joke)

Yeah… I assume It’s because we can’t gift anything anymore?

More likely down the the varying way people think, tune and accept criticism.

You only need to look how the"camber" thread ended up to see how it inevitably ends. And that was about one tiny aspect of the tune lol.

Would be good to see how the tune would turn out if 3-4 top tuners collaborated.

Most tuners are arrogant about there tunes and from past experience from forza 1 to 6 there is a lot of problems as one tuner will not like another tuners settings so causes frictions . I have tried in the past and it’s always not been not very good as no tuner wants to admit to someone else’s tune being better even if it is . Myself included I have been a knob sometimes and I hold my hands up to it :disappointed_relieved: .
But this is probably the reason we all tune ourselves and I think the public get a better choice then as different tuners tune for different driving styles so you find a tuner that best suits your driving stlye and you know they will always tune well for you . Doing it this way saves loads or trash talking and keeps the forums with less drama . There are competions still which are good for testing tuners again each other !

And no gifting cars dose not help or tuning in lobbies

Peace ! :smiling_imp:

I like doing my own tunes, mostly just do a quick 5/10 minute tunes and there pretty good (for online racing), i can take my time tweaking stuff but like racing so my patience can run thin quite quickly. I’ve been tuning since forza 3 but wasn’t sure what i was doing, Forza 4 i got a little better, then i hit it off in Forza 5, i’m not a fan of the horizon games so never did anything on them. Enjoyed it when EMW simmo opened his tuning comp on forza 5, gave you a track/tracks and certain cars then told the tuners to make something worthy and tried the tunes against one another, that was great practise. there are a lot of unheard of Tuners, not blowing my own trumpet and i know it relies on the driver as well but i’ve been racing people with a lot of raceboy tunes and beating them quite easily. I have a friend who also uses his tunes and isnt far behind me at all on terms of skill and still pretty much blow them away. I know everyone sticks with the people they know but i think people should start trying the little odd ball names/tuners :slight_smile:

We do collaborate however we all think out tunes are the best because they’re all setup around how we drive and what we want the car to do.

I’ll admit that I’ll look at what others have done if I’m struggling and have a eureka moment that fixes the issue I was having. I forget who it was but someone in the flash tunes posted a -0.5 front toe to slow the front end down. Now while that fixed the issue of oversteer everywhere it created predictably tons of understeer, loss of speed and acceleration amongst other things. Then it hit me. Reduce tyre pressures at the front, get rid of the toe and drop the caster right down. Slowed the front end down creating grip on the rear, better front end grip but much less responsive which shaved 6 seconds a lap off.

It’s not a case that we don’t collaborate and create super tunes it’s a case that we all have different ways of driving, tuning and let our pride get in the way. No body wants to admit that someone is better at something it’s human nature so we don’t tend to actively seek help from others unless we really can’t figure out why we’re having certain problems.

Yeah that was me bud haha

I agree, we tune to how we drive, thats why i tune myself, i find that if i download anyones tunes they just dont feel right in certain ways, i dont think im better than people at tuning, better than most at racing but there are still far faster people than me, i just try to get better :slight_smile:


Bailey have some fun go try my c class raptor lol… Not managed to roll it yet but spend plenty of time on 3 wheels haha :joy: Best replay I’ve ever saved 7 laps around Laguna and nothing I’ve raced has been as fun through the corkscrew haha

Right front leaves the ground first followed by both rears briefly so your single wheeling through the second part of the corkscrew :joy:

I’ll make sure i check it out later on tonight. I like making odd ball cars and competing with people in you Civics etc. Made a Land rover in C class and thats funny to use round places like laguna seca, hockinhiem short, gets good lap times too. Also Made a Jeep Willy, everyone seems to do a speed set up but i made a all round set up and that gets 140.5s on leguna seca which isnt bad for a mess around car :slight_smile: i think the land rover is slightly slower and gets low 1.41s there both only good if the track doesnt have too long straights as they have poor speed but everything else is great, Brands hatch short etc

Yeah I saw a defender above my raptor on looked rather confused as to how lol… Bet you weren’t single wheeling the corkscrew though!
I’m with you on the odd ball cars… In fm4 I used to run the delorehan around the ring… Was pretty fast… Especially in a 1 off bright pink ladyboy paint job :laughing:… Must’ve been the hot pink…

haha no the defender sticks to the road like glue, great to drive. Must have been the pink that made you go faster. I love the fact that in the most recent forza’s usually around the C class PI, they have made all the Drives competitable, unlike forza 3 with the 4Wds, forza 4 with Rwds and then 5 was pretty good and this one seems to be the best imo so far :slight_smile:

There are a lot of great tuners and painters that still collaborate. I am not going to lie, I really miss all of the tuning garages. I loved all of the advertisements, logos, paints, signatures etc-. There were a lot of very creative people that were bound together in those tuning groups and created some very amazing stuff.

I would really like to see them all come back. (However, just like reaper mech said: The days of having a giant tuning group on these forums are long gone, I know a bunch of tuners and they collaborate through party chat or other sites. Just message them and they will come.) The way things are set up now in the game it will never work the way it used to. But all of the players are still out there and they are still posting in the forums, still creating amazing tunes and paints. Also there are a lot of new avenues to advertise and communicate with people. A lot of people use Twitter or TWITCH. I myself use Twitter and when I add new stuff to my tune list I advertise it out on there as well.

Then I agree with what PTG Claret said earlier in this thread: You only need to look how the"camber" thread ended up to see how it inevitably ends. And that was about one tiny aspect of the tune. I read that entire thread I agreed with a lot of the veteran tuners that were posting in there. I was also very shocked at what happened in there between some veteran tuners when the arguing started. That’s one that I stayed out of.

All in all. YES, I would love to see a super group all band together. I miss all of it. I am still part of the PBTurbo tuning group. Back in the beginning of FM2 I started off as a seller in the auction house, worked my way up the ranks within the group to be an official tuner. However the group has not rallied back up to the level it once was, and I would love nothing more than to collaborate with others. I have still been tuning, but mostly representing myself in Forza 5, Horizon 2 and now Forza 6.

I wish everyone would just leave the forums in protest on how bad of a direction Turn 10 has taken. lol

Everyone should follow my sig then lol.

Seriously though, I was lateto the Forza party, and only got involved half way through 4. Would love to have been around for 2 and 3.

the days of fm2 had some down sides too but more good came from those days than bad . i still feel the devs need to go look at what made that game so popular and the things that made it last long enough that they had to shut down the servers for it .

A lot of people collaborate but most of the best tunes will never be seen on these forums, as quite a few of the fastest and best may not frequent here. Some obviously don’t like to reveal their hands. On the X360 days, gifting was obviously a great tool. On here there’s no gifting and there’s a file limit so we’re a bit more constrained in that respect.