Why no shifting animation on certain cars???

Anybody else think its absurd that they dont show the shifting animation on the legendary McLaren mp4/4 in forza 7? But yet on forza 6 it shows it? I really hope they fix the shifting animation on most of the cars in the game sooner or later because it really takes you out of the moment when your in cockpit view.


because it’s Forza ^^ Alot of Advertising but Game not finish and lies on merchandising :slight_smile:


It’s an unfinished game in many regards. The animations appear to be rushed and should be re-implemented.


Same reason why in 2017 FM still has the same 90 degrees steering animation in cockpit we had in Forza 3, even if the wheel is fully turned to one side.
It makes the whole cockpit experience underwhelming and fake.

Let’s not forget the invisible pit crew Forza Motorsport 7 pit stops are so lazy - YouTube


lol i just got done racing in a lotus 77 and was wondering why there were no shifting animations. turn 10 should’ve dropped those driver suits and focused more on this AND the pit stop animations as mentioned above.


One word: Laziness.


2 words: Design Decision.

3 words: Lazy Design Decision.


If a decision is made to have something function in a set way, then that specifically has a reason for it. Therefore, not laziness.

You mean non-existent or broken functions? Like no shifting animations at all for some cars? Or what about completely broken shifting animations? You know, when the driver’s hand goes through the wheel, or shifts in the wrong direction, or only shifts one time through gears at all, or how the animation can’t keep up with quick gear changes, OR the driver just doesn’t even reach to where the shifter is?

Yes, very lazy design decisions, inconsistency all across the board.


T10 probably knew the shifting animations were bad but couldn’t be bothered to fix them so they included the new cockpit view…


Are you sure its laziness?
Are you really sure?
Is this the word you wish to use?
have you modelled and rigged 700 cars?
Have you then tried to tie the input function to a play animation?
No other games let you cancel or override animations, right?
No other games force an animation to finish before the next one plays, right?

So are you sure its laziness?

Incompetence because they are broken, laziness because they didn’t fix them. Better?

If they couldn’t do the animations correctly for 700 cars, they shouldn’t have 700 cars.


Would the deadline be T10’s fault or Microsoft?
Would the quota be T10’s or Microsofts?

Given both of the above:

Is it still laziness?
Is it incompetence?

Or did they just not have enough time?

I can’t see how you’re defending this with a straight face. “Have you modelled 700 cars?” It doesn’t matter whether or not I could, I can criticize a game as much as it deserves. When you try to put 700 cars in a game and there are so many random errors across the board (tires not turning, no shifting animations for some cars, wrong shifting animations, broken Forzavista, active aero parts not working, nonfunctioning headlights for most cars in dark conditions, ETC.), it definitely comes across as unprofessional and lazy. Its like they were so ambitious with their glorious car count they forgot to quality check them!

I know every games has issues, but Forza 7 has big and little ones all over, making the game seem rushed.

I love playing the game before you say “don’t like it don’t play it”, but I will call a game out on its faults, whether you like it or not.


Because there are much bigger problems then an animation that has no actual bearing on gameplay, at all.
Is it annoying, yup. Does it actually effect anything other than you being annoyed? Nope. The gears still change, the car still turns, it goes forward, it stops.

Im not one to jump to T10’s defence, and am probably one of the harsher critics on the forum. But this? nah. This is nitpicking for nitpicking’s sake.


No but you’re the type of guy who would defend, say, a broken reload animation in a FPS. ‘My weapon has no reload anim., but it works fine as it reloads the mag. Really, it’s not annoying’

It takes away the simple concept of realism and immersion Forza used to strive for. A bug like this demonstrate their lazyness as other people said above. ‘Hey Jim this car has no shifting animation, except for the 3rd speed up and 4th speed down, should we do something about it ?’ ‘No bro it’s alright’


Oh boy I know there are bigger problems, kinda like the memory leak and very slow garage, load times, tracks not loading at all sometimes in free play and the game loading infinitely, random crashes, random disconnects in multiplayer, pointless offroaders and rally cars, questionable physics for certain cars like RR Porsches lifting up and trucks constantly turning on two wheels, need I say more? Oh yeah, losing your game save just because.

This game has lazy written all over it dude. It’s been out for two months and so many ridiculous issues haven’t been fixed and who knows, they might not be ever.

Sure some car animations are beyond broken/nonexistent and that’s a smaller complaint, but when these issues all add up its not nitpicking, it turns into a bigger problem: bad quality control, or lack thereof.

Silly me for thinking these cars shouldn’t have these little issues and bugs in a game about cars right?


See here you go with mental gymnastics.

I never said they shouldnt have it, did I?

I took issue with your word lazy/laziness
Many things happen. Some have reasons.
If something happened like a nuked repo 2 weeks out from release that caused this clustertruck, then its not laziness is it?

Everything on this forum is so so easy, and everyone is so so lazy.
So your game is where?

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Clutching at straws to defend the undefendable is an art.