Why no DLC for Forza 7?

I own every Xbox version of Forza and for as long as I can remember there has always been additional content released after a few months. Forza 7 has been out for over eight months so ok I’m guessing there will be no themed DLC with more achievements and some new tracks. Anyone know anything different? Of course I’m not talking about the monthly car packs, I have the ultimate edition.

Why no read any other threads before posting ??

No news of expansions so nobody knows.

Forza 7 Expansion thread.

There are some cool updates coming to the game that were announced here.


Despite the best effort of the Studio to indicate that lots of great things are coming down the pike to this game, there is really not much going on here at all except adding enhanced functions to features conveniently left out of this game that were in the last. I’m just disappointed that Belle Isle is upon us this weekend, and still no mention of the IMSA expansion pack.

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