Why loot box is sucks.

Thanks for I’m not Hungarian.

And the problem is???

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It sounds like you’re going to be greatly limited by gameplay, given the lack of Hungarian-made automobiles in the game.


What are you talking about? I can’t get the item over thousands attempt.
loot box is serious problem on gaming now. you should take this serious more than a complain.

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not real money


Looks like the OP’s issue is that it’s a random chance to get what they want. I didn’t see any mention of real money.

Why is someone from Japan so keen on getting a Hungarian driver suit? Leetorts is right, its not real money… I only have a handful of locked driver suits, and I don’t think Hungary is one of them, so I must have got it by playing the game.

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There’s no achievement for that (owning all gear), though, so it’s futile.

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Japan? oh you really know how make korean angry.

oops sorry, easy mistake with Japanese looking writing and JP at the end of your gamertag :slight_smile:

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It gives you all the countries. Doesn’t matter what country your are in. Didn’t they have country crates for like a month straight?

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I choose the driver suits instead of the 50k when I couldn’t afford the car but I did buy a few crates to get the achievement for them.