Why lock threads that ask questions?

I keep seeing people ask various questions which I’m sure all players would like answered, but have their threads locked so quickly afterward. Why cant we just get an answer on topics such as player-created lobbies, and the RWD - AWD swap weight problems and more? They’re usually not rude threads, just legit questions. We keep getting sent over to the Wishlists thread. I just want to know.

maybe because the question has been asked answered and locked before

maybe they should create a faq thread and sticky it at the top of the board although most people wouldn’t read it

I see what you did there!

BigIce, to answer your question about forum moderation, there may be a variety of reasons and it may be on a case by case basis. Often, threads asking why a feature isn’t in the game aren’t really asking that question, they’re posing a wishlist in the forum of an inquiry. One reason we have one wishlist per topic is that if we allowed multiple threads on the same topic, the would drown out all the other topics that users may be interested in, and then we wouldn’t have a meaningful forum. There are other reasons, and if you could imagine what it’s like to be in the position of a moderator dealing with varying and sometimes conflicting user interests, you might understand why locks become a necessary tool. Contrary to uninformed accusations, moderators do not lock threads just to stifle ‘undesirable’ conversations or questions. In short, this issue is covered by the forums Terms of Service and Forums FAQ.

As to the question of T10 responding and providing answers, there may be a variety of reasons why they do or don’t. You can send comments or questions directly to the developers at forzafb@microsoft.com

That’s all there is to the discussion. Thread locked.

There isn’t a definite answer, only guesses.

With certain moderators any sort of negativity is super frowned upon. There trying to keep the forums a nice place…, But instead of locking away the problems, they should be discussed more.

Not “this was mentioned one time in the features thread in 2011, use the search feature.”

That’s how important flaws become over looked.

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