Why Level 42 Is A Total Bust

So it would seem that for the moment level 42 is the max which is a total pain on SOOOOO many levels you open bucket loads of new crates and hey guess what you already own everything in them so they are just a total waste of time and credits. The specialty car dealer well unless they give us an extra car like they have this turn with the Huyra guess what we own everything the amazing specialty dealer offers us is the specialty his title refers to the fact that every car he offers is just another waste of our time and effort.
So the game has ground to a standstill at level 42 why you ask well I believe it’s to make sure we all use the league lobbies as let’s face it they are the only place you can get any new content at the moment so please can Turn10\Microsoft give us some idea when our time in limbo is going to be over so we can get back to racing to complete the game after all isn’t that what gaming is all about.

I’ve seen some level 43 players and I’m only 200 away from level 43, just can’t bear to pay the $7,000,000-$10,000,000 for the Ford Focus FE car that these guys are trying to get at the auction…

Isn’t the FOCUS FE a reward car for completing the elite seeker championship?


exactly what I wanted to say. I’m surprised anyone pays that kind of money.

I completed the elite seeker championship and didn’t receive the Focus FE? Hmmmm.

Did you compleat every race in Seeker challenge every Race must be done to get the car not just enough points

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Yes. That is how you also receive the Seeker Elite Champion achievement which I have.

November 22, 2017
Fully Completed the Seeker Championship

Ok are you also missing the Elite Seeker Championship Driver suit as both are awarded at the same time If the suit and car are missing or just the Car is Missing contact support as they can award you the missing items

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I checked and I am missing both the car and the suit so thanks for the heads up on contacting support, will do that next. Thank again.

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You can win the Focus and you can do it very easily. The hardest even in the Elite Seeker Championship is the Nürburgring 125 with the Civic, and you only need to finish third.

I bought a Boss 302 FE for 6 million and unfortunately I must say the Auction House is absolutely a failure in the same vein as Horizon, because the guy I bought it from was selling no less than FOUR examples of this car with a minimum bid of 5 million and buyout of 6 million. So he obviously collected them early on for cheap and is trying to flip whatever he has now that these cars are rising in price. Disgusting behavior.


Making profit on an auction house is disgusting behavior? I don’t think you fully understand capitalism.

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No what is disgusting though is that only certin playes can set the high prices player who did nothing but import content from previous games and are now buyin up cars at a price most player are not able to charge due to those prices locked by the game. But are unlocked for the so called Elite Designers. who buy at normal price and then sell at a massive mark up of millions of credits.


I’ve won at least 10 of the livery contests and I’m yet to be considered an elite painter.


The contest will help permote your designs in game by placing them on the first page or so but to make Elite You will need a total of 50,000 Likes, Downloads and Uses combined untill you do you will only be able to set the lower limits in the AH

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Yeah, I’m aware. I’m just curious how people have gotten to 50K already…there just simply aren’t that many people playing this game, and never have been.

A combined number of 50k “already” isn’t much. Currently, ONE of my shared liveries has 14k+ downloads, 8k+ likes, and 52k+ uses. At one point, I might’ve had 200 liveries shared even though I’ve unshare a bunch of them lately. Even with perhaps just 100-125 liveries currently shared, I still make 100k+ credits daily from downloads.

Also, regarding the AH: Once you’ve become an Elite painter, it’s possible to give any car (that is sellable) the Buy-out price 20 million - as long as the car has your own paintjob on it.

U know there are probably around 50000 players online at any one time and some board’s have over a million times posted. I agree the games player base is lower than ever but 50000 likes is littrally a drop in the ocean. Wasn’t race boy earning 10 mil a day off his tunes ?

RaceBoy is by far the pinnacle. If that’s what a legendary tuner is, then no one else will ever be, save for maybe 2 or 3 others. That’s like saying that of course it’s possible to get rich playing basketball, just look at LeBron. Get what I’m saying?

Having said that, last I knew even the intro race had under 350K times on it, so by all means, please direct me to the board with millions. I’m not even sure this game has sold a million copies yet.

Here is how first week sales of Forza Motorsport 7 compares to the first week sales of previous games in the franchise:

Forza Motorsport 4 - 515,859
Forza Horizon 3 - 406,753
Forza Motorsport 5 - 350,588
Forza Horizon 2 - 328,101
Forza Horizon - 316,820
Forza Motorsport 2 - 228,684
Forza Motorsport 6 - 221,042
Forza Motorsport 3 - 209,389
Forza Motorsport 7 - 176,150

The point I’m making here is that legendary status is too high, since the game is not performing. I’d like to see them address this.


Calm down its just a game.

Lol the auction house is for making money to some people, its not there fault you wanted one bad enough to pay that.