why iz it hard to drift....automatic tm only

it iz a lot harder to drift if you are rwd it iz a class to race in in online drifting it iz a lot less point and or it iz a lot harder cars want to spin in circles or not a complete circle spin out

awd on the other hand iz a lot e z er

you take off traction control…you take off stability control

remember awd iz better than rwd i think this iz the main problem with people and or drifting in this game


this iz talking about automatic transmission only

RWD is the only choice for drifting. And it’s pretty easy in Horizon.

I can’t drift a RWD car, I can’t even drive them properly.

That’s exactly it. RWD driving and drifting is very similar. It’s learning time then :smiley:

I turn round a bend, and I’m facing the other way, if that happened in real cars everyone would be dead.

it’s all about the set-up, once the cars set up right AWD or RWD don’t really matter, the gear ratio is a big deal, there are loads of youtube videos about it

My problem is my AWD cars have too much grip so it’s tough to sling them out like you are supposed to. I made up 4 different VW Beetles for the drift challenges. Sure there are better cars…but this allowed me to get used to one type of car and work it from there. So two different classes of AWD, and two of RWD. The RWD is nice and loose in the rear, little traction, so it held the sideways run well, but wouldn’t switch over to change turns. Had to load the brakes up front. E-brake the rear to slide it, then tap the front brake to get it to switch over. Seems to work out alright so far.

We’re not going to talk about my Drift Limo. lol. It’s fun though.

Still not great at it…but way better than I used to be.