Why isn't every car in the autoshow

I do not understand why every car isn’t in the autoshow I don’t mind the horizon edition and the barn find cars not being in it but cars like the Bentley continental ft speed and the Buick Regal gnx. Can someone please explain why and leave me a link to a full car list please.

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There’s a full list pinned at the top of the forum

There are a stack of Holdens which are said to be included in the game but are not available. I’m guessing you get to unlock them as you go.

Spoiler…some are barn finds

I really want the sandman wagon with the surfboards on the roof. Black metallica theme paint hooning around byron bay. My mate has two of them so I know they are in the game, but I can’t buy them at the autoshow.

Barn find.

And you can get all the cars from the auction house

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Also a good point if you have the cash handy.

early barnfind, surfboards are a preset upgrade…paint you will need to do yourself or find from searching liveries

Some are barn finds, some you win through midnight battle races, some you win through spending skill points, and some you win through Forzathon.

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Bentley is a reward from the first perk tree (the boss one I think it’s called) and spoiler the Buick is a reward from a midnight battle iirc (haven’t unlocked that one myself yet)

The only brand i miss so far is volkswagen. idk why they didn’t include that one. vw Golf GTI, R32 etc.

I can’t see the RX7 in the store, but always see it on the roads.

Midnight Battle.