Why is this Forum / Webpage so slow?

These pages load consistenly annoyingly slow. Is this in order to reduce number of posts? / Make people not come here often?

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Check the design. Just nobody cares…

I do not care about design tbh. Simple design should help speed… but it does not. There are many professional hosting services at low fee with great speed… Maybe something else to consider outsourcing for in order to make it work…


It’s a sign. They did it in 1998 and it’s the same since then. Probably queries are optimized the same.

Given the emphasis they are placing on other social media in terms of announcements, I have a sneaky suspicion they would be happy if the forums just went away.

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LOL, like never fully working Hub. They wait a bit and then they stop it.

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Just want to agree that this forum is painfully slow. Sometimes it even takes 10 seconds or more to load anything at all.

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This comes up a lot, because it’s been like this for years. I don’t use any other website which is as slow as this. Maybe it’s done on the cheap, like the game’s multiplayer servers seem to be as well. Whatever they’re doing with the proceeds from these games, it ain’t on improving the end user experience.

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Best to hide complaints away in a rubbish forum. Then if that fails send people to Discord where you can’t read anything properly.


Yeah, Discord is a good black hole for any complainers. :smiley:


So here is my latest with the webpage

I click on forzamotorsport.net and get the (whole bunch of writing)… cannot access profile. THis is whether I am currently logged in or not.
sign in if not already signed in… same message
sign out… same message
sign in. now it works…

i just laugh and continue on to the fun.

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legend says these forums run on the same servers used for online multiplayer for years


This is no where near the worst the forums have been. At times every post would be double/ triple/ quadruple posted.

I think they’ve been o.k. just recently - obviously just me.


San Marino sometimes have decent football games by their standards, doesn’t mean they aren’t still an awful team.


We’ve been tweaking some on the back end over the past month to try to improve loading speed, but admittedly the forums are on old software. We have longterm plans to improve forums and site design on new software and will have more to share about that in the new year.

One of the main goals will be to grow the forums and quickly direct players to the section they want to see, not try to keep people from coming here. Thank you for your participation!


I look at Halo Waypoint with envy.

Genuinely exciting news. Will this also improve the accessibility of the photo gallery pages?

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Never mind

Well I hope these longterm plans to improve the experience for iPad users.

It’s a bit double-tap-triple-tap-stab-stab-stabby, ATM. ):

Thanks Max.
A solid reliable compulsive mod I’ve not seen often. 10. :rofl: