Why is there no demo available for 360

Anybody shed light on Why there is no demo available for 360?

Sumo hasn’t completed the game I believe. I think the 360 version will get pushed back a week or 2

If you could see the tiny text at the bottom of the end of the launch trailer, it said that there would only be a demo for Xbox One.


Speculation, which will always happen when info is scarce. They won’t release a demo because they need to push the next gen sales.


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if that was the case then why would they even release a 360 version?

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The Xbox One is JUST gaining a following. It’s been like a year. People will either:
A: see the One version footage, think oh it will be like that on the 360 and get the 360 version (MS gets money)
B: see that it is for 360, assume it will suck, buy a One for it. (MS gets money)
C: People know what it’s like, but still get 360 bc hey can’t upgrade yet (MS gets money)

Also releasing Xbox One exclusives like weather, drivatars, and of course the demo, so people will get an xbox one. This, I hate to say, is a ploy. Expect FH3, if there is one, to be on next gen only.

I think they are trying to push for the next gen console, so they do little things like put a demo out for next gen or better and more features in next gen’s version of the game. I guess we call it current gen now 360 is past gen time to push forward : )

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Why? Because it’s like that. Stupid as that. Most of the people will buy Horizon 2 for 360; a Demo is vital.

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Most of the people will buy Horizon 2 for 360, a Demo is entirely unnecessary.


And why?

Why put any more effort than they have to, into a console that they are trying to get people to leave behind. The only reason they are publishing H2 for 360 is to PASIFY and still PROFIT off the people who can’t afford the XBOX ONE. Why do you really need a demo when you can be sure the differences will be minimal between H1 and H2. The biggest difference is only the map. Save your money don’t buy H2 and eventually purchase the XB1.

Love how these bug testers instinctively blame lack of finance for not owning xb1.
out of pocket fools paying top $$$ for a buggy system.lol
already dropped almost £200 since release

I know why there is no demo for the 360 and why there also is hardly any info or screenshots. They’ve released one screenshot and has anyone actually noticed how good that looks? Besides the obvious that MS wants to push the XO only and everyone involved in developing this game has no choice in granting that wish, I think there’s another reason. Sumo is making H2 for 360 so good in gameplay and visuals that it is very close to the XO version. If people compare the 2 they wonder why they would even get an XO at all. That’s the reason they also didn’t add weather to the 360 version. We all know it’s technically possible, but then the XO version really wouldn’t stand out anymore.

By the way… mentioning wheater… Horizon 2 has no weather at all, it has some rain at times (which seems to be completely scripted), but where are the storms, hail, lighting and so on?

No demo, MS doesn’t want to encourage people to buy the 360 version, they want everyone to get a XO, so they are childish enough to make 360 users feel second rate. Sumo is going to present us with something awesome, giving us a reason to stick to the 360 at least a year longer.

So close.

So very, very close.

You can do it, I have absolute confidence in you.


The 360 physics will be nothing like the X1. That in it self is all the reason to buy the X1. Now try and tell me i’m wrong.


Sorry D.

maybe a little of topic but TBh I couldn’t see much between fm4 and fm5.(once your immersed in actual game play)
Obviously FM5 is better than FM4 but i don’t see that big a step from 360 to xb1 in any game not just picking on forza
Granted I only played for an hour or so but certainly didn’t seem “next gen” to me.

Remember the first batch of games that came out for Xbox 360 when it released? Look how far that console has came. Give it time.