Why is there no change view button on layout 10-11 and 12?

Having recently played the demo, i have always played Forza with the right thumbstick as throttle and brake and the bumbers to change gear so was pleased to find layout 12, however as i tried to change view i could not find the button, so checking the layout in the options i notice the change view button just vanishes on these layouts they are there for all the others, i know allot of the buttons have been taken up surely they can add it to clicking the thumbstick in?

anyone else notice this problem?

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Looks like (at least in the demo) you can have either “Change View” or “Look Back” but not both.

even though you switch the look back and camera button its still A as look back nothing changes you still cant change view, was whoever on button programming doing the last ones at 4:59 on a friday? ha

You can not change your view in layout 12 at all even when you switch lookback/view it doesnt change you still cant change your view, i have also notice the select/window button isnt used in this layout and could easily be changed to the view button, please hope a developer sees this thread its easily fixed!