Why is the League Intermission Time so long - 2 mins?

In multiplayer, the intermission time is less than 60 seconds. Why is the league one so long. By the time you add in the initial lobby join time, wait for a race to finish, intermission, launch countdown, loading track time, waiting for cars it takes somehting like 4-5 mins or more just to get into one league race.

Surely T10 can be smarter about putting folks into lobbies that are about to start rather than just or already started or are there just so few lobbies around now because there aren’t any Forza 7 players anymore due to all the bugs we keep finding for you.

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Just wait till you wait those full 2 and a half minutes and then the race STARTS WITHOUT YOU, now that is a really great feature.

it’s like christmas, will you get to race after a long waiting period or will you have to reboot your system, it’s a fun new feature