Why is the camera so low in Forzavista?

In forza horizon 4, how can I raise the camera in Forzavista mode in my houses?

In this video, before 12:09, we can see the camera is high in the mustang and after, it becomes low.

I’m only in “low” mode and I don’t know how to raise up the camera yet. Can someone help me please? Thanks

Click the Left thumbstick in.


Oh thank you :grin: even if I tried every button, I didn’t think about that one

Everywhere but the Festival itself (which I assume is because the car is on a pedestal), the camera is positioned so low in Forzavista that you literally can’t see anything in some cases. The camera’s so low that you can’t climb into certain cars because the icon never appears when you open the door.

I admit I like climbing into the cars to pretend I’m getting in to drive off (>_>) but, still, I’d like to know what the deal is with the camera positioned at such a ground-level angle at the sites other than the Festival.


If you’re on the Xbox. Click the left joy stick to “stand up”


Works with Xbox One controller on PC too

Wow, I never even noticed that.


WOW! You just put me up on game! I never even noticed that.

How the heck were we supposed to know that


Click the left joy stick to stand up :).

The better question would be why is camera in crouch mode by default.


Having photographed various cars over the past 10+ years, I’ve found that in general, everything looks better from lower angles.

True but I don’t really see how that applies to Forzavista. Photo mode is separate from that and you can take cars from any angle in that mode.

No idea. Its not like this in FH3. Hope they change it.

Presumably to give a more cinematic initial view of both the car and your house.

Geez! This has been bugging the hell out of me too. Why isn’t there a prompt for this at the bottom where the other controls are mentioned?

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When are you going to sort out the fact that no matter what car I choose to view in Forzavista the camera is always only about 3 feet off the ground? Only way around this is by getting inside a car to set the camera at a reasonable height. This works most of the time but then found that several vehicles don’t even let you inside them either because they are glitched or because of the idiotic camera height. Been like this since the launch of the game and would have thought such an obvious issue would have been resolved already.

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Press on the left stick on the Xbox One controller or the R key on PC to change the viewing height. That’ll fix it.

Though I would like it to default to the standing view and not the ground view.


Ah ok thanks, would be helpful if that was outlined when first playing the game. Why the default is so low though is baffling.

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On PC, I could raise the camera in Forzavista by pressing “R” key