Why is the AI so awfull?!

It’s even worse than in previous games!

Not only can’t it avoid an accident happening in front of them, it tends to use the other cars (including me!) as “turn assists”! I enter the corner wide to get a better exit speed and some moroon AI comes full speed through the inside and T-bones me, or clips my rear end making me spin. Others keep accelerating while their front end is against my car or some other. It’s common to see 3 cars fighting for the racing line, bumping into each other like this is destruction derby! The sound I hear most all around me during the first few corners is that stupid “Bump, bump!” that the cars make on contact!

I have “Limit Aggression” turned on and it doesn’t make much difference. I also keep the AI at “Highly Skilled” so it must not be a case of them being purposely noobs! That “Drivatar” system seems to be a big part of the problem!

This is most prevalent in the first few corners, so a Rolling Start option would probably solve this. I didn’t like that Gran Turismo always did that, but some games offer the choice. If a true start (clutching and going at the right time, instead of that arcade crap) was present, I would miss it more, but as it stands I’d prefer a rolling start.

That, coupled with how boring the career is (start in 12th, finish 3rd or above, everytime, with only the fun challenges to break the monotony) is pushing me away from this game. I’ve been a avid player of every Forza (i had to skip 5 cause I hadn’t a Xbox One at the time, and played little of 3 because of the impossibility to turn off Rewind) and this is the worst by far, in both these regards.

If there is something I am hoping for in Forza 7 (besides more realism, 'cause GT Sport seems more realistic than it’s predecessors, and MS has Horizon for arcade players, so Motorsport is free to be as realistic and as hard as possible) is a better AI and more interesting carreer - championships with points and standings, single races, drag races, all that stuff.

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Well, to be fair they were really assertive when they said using the Drivatars would be like racing with real people.

Online is even worse. Specially with stupid kids who not only completely ignore the braking points, but they crash on you on straights. =/


Was gonna say it just prepares you for the idiots doing the same thing in multiplayer


That’s the main reason I almost never play online… I hate it when people do that, and also don’t want to do it either, by mistake, and ruin someone elses race.

But having to deal with that awful AI in single player is really game-destroying.

Also, i’ve seen some videos that show that Forza 7 will have Rolling Starts! That’s something! :smiley:

Already rolling starts in forza 6 in some races

see i’m just the opposite, when my friends are not online. i always set the ai to aggressive / unbeatable and use the mod card to start last in line. it usually takes 3 or 4 laps to finish 1st depending on the size of the track i’m running. the thrill is not knowing if you can catch them to win or just podium!!!

if you can’t do that, then you can forget trying to win online!!

I agreed the AI is lame. It doesn’t help me improve as a driver and I don’t want to get better at playing with lame online drivers that crash into me either. I only play online for achievements, otherwise I avoid it.

I grind through career mode to get all the achievements and for me, the fun part is tuning to then use on rivals.


Well, if the Drivatars are supposed to represent typical behaviour found in most random public lobbies, then it’s understandable why things are this way.

There should definitely be a choice between regular AI and Drivatar AI in the future.

I do my best to stay out of harm’s way, but the Drivatars disagree somewhat. Bathurst and Long Beach especially come to mind.

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In my experience, the drivatars try to race clean and respect your racing line most of the time - however, there have been times when they go almost berserk. Either way, it isn’t that bad. Improved over previous games. I guess if you add more people on your Live account that are good clean drivers in Forza, you might see the AI behaving in a similar fashion in their absence.

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I completely agree with you, OP!
Not only the AI is overly aggressive, but it has also trouble driving in some tracks like VIR, Long Beach and Silverstone when it rains.
I even posted a thread about this an year ago, with video footage to show how bad it can get, and to see that nothing has changed since then is hugely disappointing to say at least.

This + the lack of options in Free Play are huge weaknesses in what would be otherwise an amazing game! :confused:

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