Why is "Team Adventure" so aggressive?

Like i’m asking Why be so aggressive?

Never in my life of online racing (15+ years), have i seen such poor driving standards. Pushing, ramming, forcing people wide to miss check points. I don’t care if it’s an “Arcade” game, there is absolutely no need for such aggression and i wish PG would do something about it.

Just done series of races (not including the garbage that is Free Roam Rush) all 3 races i get a good start, arrive at the first turn and before i can blink, i’m dead last, after having the same selfish brat in a raptor, just Plough straight into me with Zero f’s given to the fact i was a fellow blue. It’s BS like this for my reasons for not playing Team Adventure and not playing i’m not ranked, now because of this BS new Playlist system, i’m being forced to take part in something i’ve avoided for a very good reason. I’m so close to uninstalling FH4 now but i guess PG wouldn’t care, since they have my money.


Well, I dont vid record so I had no proof. For the 100% the connection issues due to xbl meant I was on team adventure, not ffa. For a bit, I tried taking it seriously. But when one race, in a pass to win, car I was passing pushed me right off the road on the final straight.

It is exactly why I dont play competitive online. Constant dealing with negative players.

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Exactly why i avoid Online Adventure.

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Win at all cost mentality.
Add in the fact most people think your level actually makes you a better driver and you become a target of BOTH teams right from the start line.
I can’t count the number of times I’ve been mob assaulted at the start line, usually by my own team, which then gets mad and rage quits because we constantly lose.
I had my entire team ensure I stayed in last place, we lost the event of course, but the next event had me on the other team. Around 20 seconds into the race, with me in first place, the entire other team rage quit.
I’ve had many people rage quit because they failed to wreck me or pass me. Now my online entertainment is all about torturing them. Getting them to wreck each other is a bonus but mostly I get them to wreck themselves by attempting a pass at a checkpoint, then hitting the breaks as they desperately try and push me off the checkpoint, taking themselves out in the process. Yeah, I rarely finish races, but damn is it fun.

You have to be new to the game and forum. To summarize, it is so aggressive because the objective is to finish first at any costs.

There are hundred of pages on this forum on same subject, all the solutions have been suggested.

Only evolution was FFAA. Team and ranked are just ramming fests.

Don’t expect improvement, except wall riding, they consider there is no issue.


No, it’s so aggressive because the objective is to cause your team to finish first. Finishing first is not the most effective way to do that, the most effective way to ensure team success is to also have the largest possible negative impact on any players on the opposing team you encounter. FFAA tends not to be as aggressive, because if you do something negative towards another player, you’ll also have a negative impact on yourself relative to every other player in the race.

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I have the opposit experience, I did one FFAA championchip and it was very aggressive. Then I decided to stay at the TeamAdventures because you only get tossed and rammed by the half of the players, not by all of them…

…but have to say there are some clean racers and it is funny to fight with them, and I often got rammed unintentionally like in all open lobbys in all racing games…
so its not only aggressive morons, but they are responsable for the overall bad experience

a chatphrase like:“don’t care what you do, I race clean!” would be nice

“I’m on your team you idiot”… would be another worthwhile addition


Because it’s currenlty full of unranked people who get a disconnected from game message after they finally got 5 stages complete and loose all progress and cant get ranked for this needed achievement in the event roster. It got my frustration level through the roof, takes quite some time and no results.

Due to being an required event in the feztival roster, everyone who wants a locked car will try and get this, Even the people who normally wouldn’t do these events. So wallriders, rammers etc is a huge problem now. I really hate it being “forced upon”

It’s either because the rules aren’t enforced or because humanity is failure, depending on how you want to look at it. I choose to blame the developers. They’ve known about the issue for ages, but have decided to do nothing about it. Not even after GT Sport was released and showed everyone how it could be done, the developers of Forza Horizon haven’t done anything. Not even after the huge backlash following the release of FH4 they haven’t done anything. They say that they are discussing it, but considering it has gone more than half a year without even a wallriding fix, I think we all can figure out that griefing is always gonna be a huge part of this game. If they don’t decide to take the easy way out and remove online racing and replace it with hotlaping (otherwise known as “ghostmode” / “colllisions of”), that is.

Well the team part means that some, particularly the slower drivers focus on ramming you to let others on their team get ahead. If they get you out of a check point it takes a lot to recover.

I completed the qualifying races, there were some people who raced clean, may have rubbed the odd door handle but nothing that even slowed either of us down in the pack yet plenty of others that just rammed. I got pushed really hard or just flat out rammed mid corner by people who couldn’t even have been attempting an apex.

Sad really, but that is how people behave when there are no real rules.

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Because the rules
in FH3
You earn about 50% XP from your position.
about 40-45% from “Skills” and “Clean Racing”
only 5-10% from “Team”

The main goal in FH3 is “Earning XP and avoid crashes”

Also if player finished in lower position still get alot XP.
But crashes cost lot more XP.

As some of you have mentioned on this thread it becomes necessary to play Online adventures for rewards if you are into completing a fair portion of this game. I’m not concerned personally about having every reward or every car. I did throw myself into my first ever adventure over the weekend and what an eye-opener it was. Blatant hitting, brake testing, pushes off checkpoints, the list goes on. I try to keep my races clean but having your own team members gunning for the win at all costs at the expense of other team players does not make any sense in the slightest. Now I can finally relate to what others are commenting on in reference to Online Adventures. Why Turn 10 didn’t integrate a penalty system equal to how drivers behave is beyond my intelligence.


It’s aggressive because people can’t drive, and because PG/T10 can’t be bothered to punish wallriders, nearly six months after release. Plus people drive aggressively because they don’t know when they’ll get kicked out of an online session and are getting all they can to reach 100% on the stupid playlist.

I have found that both team adventure and FFA are aggressive, it’s pretty unreal to be honest and creates a ranked mess, some people still ram you in FFA as they don’t care about negative impact on themselves as some just play it to make trouble for others, accidental collisions do occur but majority of the time its just some idiot who thinks lets take this one out for fun, I stay away from it all and my dad helped me with my ranked stuff. Now though we are both avoiding it like the plague. Don’t know why it had to be included in the recent title update it’s a pain.

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After spending a good amount of time doing the 10 sets of events in two of the three categories to qualify for ranked this weekend, it seems to me that the issue, beyond the fact that a good number of racers are inconsiderate, is that they took racing from the old playground games (which I always found to be a crash fest) and tried to make it serious and competitive.

I quickly realized I wasn’t going to win (except for the occasional 2nd or 4th race where I could take my own route) because of the ramming, so I just took a relaxed approach by letting all the rammers by and just raced a good, clean race, not caring about my finishing position, but rather caring about the enjoyment of the race. Using this philosophy, my biggest frustration was spending the time to do 4 or even 5 of the events, only to be disconnected from the server…

I definitely can see how online racing is a disaster for those wishing to do a good, clean honest race and caring about the finishing position.

For me, I have now qualified in 2 of the 3 categories, so I am good until next month. It is my understanding that I only have to do one set of races now each month to ‘renew’ my qualifications in each of the categories I want to remain ranked in.


You guys all seem to think that Forza Horizon is a sim racer, but it is not. It is an arcade racer and crashing others seems to be part of the fun for some player. It is also easier to wallride and ram your way to the front instead driving cleanly and respecting your opponents.
Let us not forget about @breeminators comment: If you manage to wreck 3 enemies and keep them at the end of the ranking, this is a very, very good success for your team. And as long as there is no racing etiquette forced by T10 or PG, this is a valid strategy.

There also is an easy solution: All adventures are raced with damage on. Yes, someone will wreck you and it is incredibly frustrating when your car is so damaged after this that you cannot compete any more, but over time you will learn to evade the crashes, learn to look back before cornering and the crashers won’t have much fun in the game at all.
But gaming companies are all so scared to lose customers. The crashers pay for the game, too. You see it in other games as well, when toxic behaviour is not properly punished. If you can report a player even with footage that shows him actively looking out to wreck someone, he should be banned or put with other crashers in the queue.
Or you give players an opportunity to upvote or downvote players based on their behaviour. Yes, there will be false reports, but if you just ban the big, big outliers, it will make Forza a better place. And if you cross reference the voters with the outliers, you will get a pretty picture as well who is voting out of rage or because they are really concerned.

There are enough solutions, but as long as everyone buys the Forza titles, there is no need to change it. But FM7 shows, that T10 is willing to change things. So I am looking positively into the future.


Another fix - make the prize difference 5-10% between places. The other issue with Forza is that you can’t drive a lightweight (offroad) car because others will run in 2+ ton unimogs and push you off the road all the time.

This is the result of us the racers asking for championships to be based you winning and not collecting skill chain points.
Sorry, we didn’t think this one through. We didn’t know exactly what we were getting ourselves into.

It’s now a finish first and don’t worry about how get there and the only way people can complain to you about it is through the chat prompts, brilliant!!!