Why is steering so broken!?

If I’m turning as hard as I can. shouldn’t my stupid driver inside his car be doing the same? Why does the game decide for me how much I get to turn? It doesn’t matter if I’m going 100 or 1 MPH if I turn as hard as I can it should all be the same. (Note, I’m not saying the CAR should react the same, I’m saying the guy should and the amount of steering should.) Doing a replay and looking at the telemetry and seeing the steering barely move is utter nonsense. This was an issue in Forza 6 and is almost debilitating in Forza 7. It should be better in the next version, not worse.

(YES, all of the stupid assists are off, before you ask. And I have changes the deadzone settings several times.)

I finally, FINALLY, went from Gran Turismo to Forza and I’m regretting it already.