Why is spring tuning wheel rate instead of ride rate, with no indication?

With rare exception, I balance my springs as perfectly to the weight distribution as possible without crossing into oversteer (rear bias). I’ve tuned a handful of cars, not to the 0.5lb, not to the 0.5lb then both shifted + or -0.5 for a slight shift (usually where I stop), but within 0.001% of balance. It would be dead easy to change to tuning by ride frequency in hz and indicate the spring value secondarily. I feel like you’re putting me through it sometimes.

I look for 0.001% or less (ex. 46.2331 to 46.2339) difference when using this sheet. Only done so for a couple cars. Not in a while… Perhaps you can realize how simple it would be to expand all player’s “Horizons”, by clarifying and enhancing tuning. Look how far I’ve come just to tune. I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t worth it.

Anyone could throw ride rates and damping ratios at any given car and see a better ratio of tuning to driving time. If a Gamepass user comes in with 0 knowledge of suspension tuning, you can guide them through ride rate+damping ratio to a much higher level of tuning and driving (which is a feedback loop imo) than wheel rate and damping coefficient, which, let’s be honest, is possible to eyeball from scratch but why take the extra time? Fake difficulty? It’s hardly intuitive to balance the springs (perfectly!!?!) to new tuners. It’s not as intuitive to set 7-6.6 3.5-3.3 damping as to set 80% rebound and 40% bump for both. It IS intuitive to set 2.00, or 2.40, or 2.80 ride rate at front and rear. Relative stiffness and damping are ubiquitous. Something like 1 to 4hz springs and 20% to 120% damping ratio is all that’s needed. Would you consider giving us better insight (tune in spring, indicate hz), if not tools (tune in hz, indicate spring), to enjoy the game?

P.S. I really want 0.05 or 0.15 toe sometimes. 5 degrees is obnoxious. The range should be -1 to +1 in increments of 0.01 or 0.02.

P.P.S. If nothing else, allowing spring increments of 0.1 would help my case. I can’t teach everyone to tune as well as you could through the UI itself…