Why is pvp friends only? seriously!

it is very known that not everyone plays forza with someone all the time some not at all. but not all if them want to race alone so what the heck forza??? it is illogical no matter how you look at it and it makes no sense to anyone who doesn’t understand what illogical means… but then you guys are the people who ruined your own game Horizon 4 just before releasing 5

My first guess would be - because your convoy is set to Friends Only. But that’s just a guess.

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funny you say that because convoy privacy has only two options… friends can join or invite only. so wich one fixes my problem now???

I’ve noticed this too and it makes no sense for those of us who don’t convoy. In FH4 you could run PvP or Co-op in most events without a convoy.

Why take away features?

If the aim is to push players to use the Tour than that needs the ability to change Drivatar difficulty as it’s fixed to average and far too easy and challenge whatsoevr.

Yeah, you’re supposed to be on a team with those players, but people push and cut you off, trying to get first, because essentially the AI doesn’t even register as existing in those races, since they pose NO sort of challenge what so ever. It’s basically just PVP with random obstacles. Not even really obstacles, because after the start, you never even see them again.

When you form a convoy you can choose from a long list of things, one of which is PvP. You can also search for PvP convoys to join.

This is actually a much better system than what was in 4, where you only had a limited time window and population to pull from for PvP.