why is my friend able to import from forza 3 but not me?

quick question, my friend is able to import cars from forza 3 even though he played forza 4 first before 3 (like me). but for some reason I cant find the way to import the cars. there has bean no message, and no menu option to import. I have the essentials edition does that cause anything?

hmmmm unless they start a new save in Forza 4 I do not believe they should be able to do that

Correct - it is only on a new save (ie just after the intro race with the 458) that you can get the “gift” cars based on your FM3 save.

thanks funky

yeah because he has not deleted his game save and it is working, (he is not a hacker or cheater so I dont know what is going on

You need to ask him how he is doing - and then come back here.