Why is it always raining at Brand's Hatch?

It’s worse than being in Seattle. (Just Kidding, I am in Seattle for a week every year and I have rarely seen any rain). I am working on finishing the Career races and I just had to do back-to-back the 70’s F1 and then the Supercars in the rain with a No TSC Mod card on both. Can you say “That Sux”?


Yeah this video below kind of speaks to that theme of it always raining there.

Chris Harris on Cars - Daytona 24h winning Jaguar XJR-9

I am sure most of you have already watched all the cool race car videos on youtube already, but I have just recently discovered some of these. Just thought I'd throw this out there. Harris gets to drive an amazing car that won a prestigious race and WHAT You KNOW it's RAINING LOL!
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lol Welcome to the UK
At least you cant say the game isnt realistic.

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It doesn’t always rain in the UK, some days recently we’ve had snow instead!


You can tell its summer in the UK because the rain is a little bit warmer.

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It’s Brands Hatch. It rains there.

I haven’t watched many Silverstone GPs as of late but I know rain is common there, too.

Another reason why Brands get picked often for rainy conditions is that the track as modeled in FM7 is a little difficult to drive in the rain due to all the puddles on key areas of the track.

I know it was a real “treat” there with the High HP and torque with no TCS of the Ford Supercar and the 312 Ferrari.