why is forza 5's multiplayer experience so different from single player?

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There is no difference in grip.

Either the cars you were using in career were terrible or you’re pushing a lot harder online. It could potentially be both.

Career does nothing to prepare you for actual racing against real people. Props to you for finishing that mess that claims to career related.

You can use poop cars in career and do well. You can also drive casually in career and do well. This is especially true if you use anything lower than the top two drivatar difficulties.

While online you’ll be forced to keep up. Its harder to drive casually and do well unless you really know what you’re doing. So if your car is poop, you’ll really see it online and if your pushing too hard to keep up you’ll lose grip a lot easier.

Swerve, I’ve noticed the difference in handling- multiplayer/ rivals/test drive.I’m not the greatest- but I am not bad either. I’ve spent hours in a car getting very consistent in test drive and darn near need to re learn to drive it in multiplayer. So in my opinion (rightly or wrongly) there is some difference. It usually manifest it self as a bit more oversteer for me after I’ve dialed enough in in test drive. I usually need to take a bit off getting slightly slower times in Test drive so it drives as I intend in multiplayer.

I think persons that prefer an slightly under steering car - are the persons that notice the difference most as it effects the car negatively to us. Those that are use to and utilize the loose car an are better able to fight/coax the uncontrollable don’t notice it as much. Just my 2 cents.

Interesting. I can’t stand understeer unless its in a fwd. All my cars tend to be loose to really loose.

There is no difference between SP and MP.
You are having a difference in aero performance due to drafting etc. This can cause you to overshoot brake marks, miss turn ins etc.

You always push the car harder in MP, even if you aren’t aware you’re doing it.

Lag can also mess with the handling indirectly, by making it appear that your car is going faster/slower than it actually is.

I’m not a noob at driving and I race endurance races where consistency is the key again I’m not the fastest guy out there and handle the nerves fairly well, in fact i tend to let the 1st sector be what it will be- in simulation damage it’s just best to let it be and get your groove. - it’s not because I’m pushing the car. It’s real. It’s only since moving to a more loose car that the differences are less noticeable. I preferred a slightly slower predictable car, last year. Lag/ping maybe part of the culprit though, or it may be that the tune doesn’t load correctly. But given how in my experience the differences manifest itself in oversteer- so I can understand OP suggesting less grip in MP.

There have been times where it is almost a different car. It may be a glitch in tune where it doesn’t load correctly from test drive to MP But it’s different more times then not.

I’m capable of top 500 times so I’m pretty sure I’m not imagining it. I’m thinking that the tune is being lost in translation or a lag or both.

there is an option to reduce grip off some % in multiplayer ?