Why is BBC a no-no?

If you try to name/re-name a file with “BBC” or include same in the file description when sharing, it’s blocked by the language filter. Why? What about “BBC” could possibly be triggering the Inappropriate Content pop-up? I personally curse like a sailor constantly, but cannot for the life of me extrapolate anything out of it that I think would be offensive to somebody else. Any idea?


Google it

It doesn’t always mean Big Block Chev - apparently

Ooh, yes, I see it now. Woe be the evils of BlackBerry, BB&T Bank, B.B. King, ‘baby’ slang, along with the sinister branding for ice bream, skin care products, air rifles, and garden & landscape centers!

So, needless to say, that wasn’t helpful; any other suggestions?

Try BING search and turn off the adult filter… go straight to images - there’s nothing on BB King in there :slight_smile:

Google it is a broad term for looking it up on the internet (like Hoovering the carpet with a Vax) don’t actually use google.

…hmm, I see. Okay, so, …the filter gets triggered because of a potential close association with either toy BB guns or unprotected anal love… both of which could not have been further from my mind. #themoreyouknow

LoL, I had to have it explained too when I tried to share these…

I’ve since realised BBC1 works just fine :grin:

Nor is it necessarily to do with British TV. To save you from the Googling, let’s just say that it has naughty connotations.

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big black coke

And because apparently this game is rated E for everyone so they can’t take any chance. They would censor the game itself if need be :wink:

It’s Beef, Bacon & Cheddar. But everybody hates Arby’s.


There’s no need to know why, just that it is.

Any further comment can be directed to the developers through a ticket at the Support link.