Why I'm telling people not to buy forza 6

Forza Motorsport 4 was the last in the series I played as having seen how poor forza 5 was just through reviews etc I didn’t bother to give it my time and just waited for 6 in the hope all would be well again. However after playing playing forza Motorsport 6 and feeling somewhat mugged off I’ve already convince two people, who were dead set on buying Xbox one’s purely for forza 6, not to bother.

Amongst other things the two main things that killed this game for me were the lack of modifications to vehicles and online play.

Modifications don’t seem to have changed in any way since forza 4 and maybe even before that. I don’t care for the worlds best super car list all I want is to take a common mans daily and build it into a weapon and battle it against fellows builders online, but with forzas limited selection I feel I’ll never be able to satisfy my petrol head cravings on this game. I have no interest in battling the game, so career is of little value, I jump straight to online play to see if turn 10 has developed what I would argue, the most important area of the game. Simple answer no. If anything it’s gone backwards. the matching making/lobby finding is poor and there is no custome lobby function as in forza 4. Online might aswell be bumper cars as there are no rules to the racing. And how is it that we still have no option to modify or tune cars while in a lobby.

The only things that impressed me in this game were the new more realistic handling and the wet racing. That’s it, that’s not enough of a reasons to buy it let alone a whole new console. To me this just feels the same as forza 4 just with a new menu and layout and the odd additional feature of which I couldn’t give a crap about.

I’ll be firing up the old 360 to play forza 4 with my mates until a successor arrives.


You not try painting I bought F6 just to paint like I’ve done since F2.

Oops, too late. I bought the Forza edition X box, and guess what, I really enjoy Forza 6. I will say I miss some of the tracks and cars from Forza 4 and earlier editions of the game, however.


Enjoy your 360, I’ll enjoy my 3 copies of Forza Motorsport 6 on the Xbox One :slight_smile:


I would tend to say FM4 was maybe the best all round Forza but I must say I am REALLY enjoying 6! I like a few tracks that are in 4 too but I also like a couple of the new tracks in 6.

I don’t race online so I can’t comment on that but I do like the campaign in 6 as well as all the previous FMs.

I quite like my Forza edition XBoxOne as I am a Ford guy (Mustang mostly but…) and being as it has the new Ford Themed colours and stripes it was a no brainer to have for me.

I think if the games didn’t change a bit each time a new game is launched then we would complain about that too. The Developers are in a no win situation sometimes cause they are trying to please the masses and in doing so can’t make everyone happy.

I do know this, since I got my xbox 360 four years ago with the Fm3, I have never spent any longer than about 1/2 hour on my PS3 and the Gran Tourismo that I thought was about the ultimate sim racing game on any console… Do you even know anyone that owns GT6? I asked my local EBGames guys about GT6 and none of the 4 guys working could give me an opinion cause none of them owned it or knew anybody that did. That says a lot to me.


Do you even know anyone that owns GT6? I asked my local EBGames guys about GT6 and none of the 4 guys working could give me an opinion cause none of them owned it or knew anybody that did. That says a lot to me.

I’ll help everyone with that. I own gt6 and loved it, I don’t play it currently because FM6 takes most of my available time. It was definitely improved from 5. My only complaint is they divided the cars into premium which look amazing for last gen, and regular, which don’t look as great. I love Forza 6 too, but my favorite was FM4.

I own GT6 myself. It was pretty fun and good the first several weeks I played it, but now I’m getting bored with it and lingering with the seasonal events. I’ve owned it since December 7, 2013, a day after its launch, by the way.

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I own GT6. The driving is pretty good, but it’s the most infuriating thing in the world when every single time I try to play the game, there’s an update that takes 30 min to an hour to download. The sound design is awful, and visually it’s not even close to looking as nice as FM4. About the only reason I even bothered playing it was some of the tracks it has that FM4 didn’t, namely Spa and Monaco. FM4 is the superior game in just about every way.

As far as FM6, I got my XBox One the same day FM6 launched. It was the only game I had for about 2 months, and I still felt like the XBox One was well worth it. If you liked FM4, I don’t see how you could dislike FM6.

Forza 5 was a quite disappointing for sure but I enjoy F6 really much. It has the best car selection that a a driving game ever had and the track selection is also very fine - good balance between twisty and fast, between real world and fantasy tracks. I mostly prefer real world circuits but the guys at Turn10 know how to design very enjoyable and beautiful fantasy tracks. All of them has a special feeling to drive around them. Now I even think/dream about a fantasy track DLC. :smiley:

The mods and the prize spinner are fun, and if you don’t like the game doesn’t force to use them. That’s very respectable. The carreer mode also provides more freedom for the playe: I was not big fan of the Top Gear themed special races of the previous games so I’m happy that they are not in the main carreer. Also you can choose he car division for every championship.

The driving physics and the controls are also really good: in previous Forzas I found the really fast racing cars to be almost un-driveable with the controller, now they are not that twitchy.

Rain looks and feels real. I don’t care that it’s not dynamic like in Project CARS but the overall feel, the immersion is really good in Forza6.

Music: I usually turn off all the music in a driving game but the menu musics in F6 are so well composed pieces that I don’t plan to mute them. They add something extra for the atmoshpere.

Forza 6 is a really deep gaming experience, sometimes it’s very hard for me to turn off the console: just one more race. Just advancing one more level. Just buying one new car and customise it for my taste.


You are of course entitled to your opinion but personally I really enjoy Forza 6 and have played all the games in the franchise except FM1. The best new edition to the franchise is most certainly the leagues.


Agreed with IVORBIGUN, I’ve had some of the best racing in the leagues. Sure it misses some features and the disconnects suck so bad, but it’s still a great game and I’d encourage others to play it.


I bought xbox 360 just for forza 4 and got the xbox one forza 6 edition. Let’s just say xbox 360 is collecting dust.


You know… Just because your not a fan of FM6, doesn’t mean you should try to convince others not to get it. Lot’s of people enjoy it and your just not one of them.


later this year Microsoft will stop supporting the 360, which means all the servers on the 360 will be shut down. eventually you will have to make the jump.

this is another reason I don’t buy games based on the multiplayer aspect, eventually servers get taken down and if you don’t like the single player modes then you have a game you’ll never play again.

All that is missing that Forza 6 needs is a personal storefront like forza 4. This recommended thing is terrible always has been always will be. Storefront tunes and designs is what is needed to make the game the best there has been

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I’ll have to ask, out of sheer curiosity.

Where were all of you people finding custom pub lobbies that were any different from the preset pubs? Because the only way I got some clean, fair online racing in the Forza 4 days was in private lobbies with clubmates, or in leagues. Both are still perfectly viable options.


I think the difference was that you could create a public lobby and boot who you wanted if they were wreckers.You cant create a public lobby in 6… You can create a private lobby yes,but if you dont know 15 people to join up with you the ability to create a public lobby is great.But,not happening in 6…

I traded in Fallout 4 and picked up Forza 6 brand new for 10 bucks. I like the game so far. I had Forza 4, played it, and enjoyed it. Never bothered to purchase Forza 5 as I didn’t have an Xbox One at the time it was released. Picked up an Xbox One over the summer, had an itch for racing this fall, was bored of Fallout, saw and picked up Forza 6 on the cheap. I didn’t expect much, so I haven’t been let down yet. I’ve always likened video game race car sims to digital versions of RC racing; They’re both fun, but no matter how realistic they seem, they will never mistaken for real racing.

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I have a PS 3 and GT 5 and 6… if you want a career just 25-30 hours long its your game. Seriously its much too short and boring imo.
If anyone of you misses the lack of activity on FM 6 or Horizon 2,you should join some Facebook Groups and meet a lot of forzaholics over there.
To make clear:
I dont want you to leave the Forum,just mention an alternative way to get back a slight touch of community.
Facebook,Forza Showrooms,4500 members,pretty active.

Why do we need yet another post about this? There are plenty of threads full of people showing disapproval and opinions already.

I mean what are you expecting them to do, suddenly redo the whole game because some people don’t like it?

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