Why even have a LB for rain tracks?

I just ran a race at Hockenheim National and it was supposed to be in the rain. It was a 10 lap race and not a single drop of rain fell at all during the race. Except for a little fog, it was like running all 10 laps on a dry track. Well, at the end, I get the #1 time on the LB by about 3 seconds. Of course I did, everyone else was probably sliding all over the place and I had it incredibly easy. That’s just not fair and makes having a leaderboard a total waste of time.

There is just very little about this game that makes any sense to me.

I’ve thought about this, as well. I had a ten-lap race that started dry but my times weren’t posted because they were dirtied by scruffles with Drivatars. By the time my laps were clean, they were also several seconds slower.

Yeah I was wondering about this too. Ultimately you can set a dry laptime on the wet leaderboards. There’s no way of knowing how wet or dry each person’s laptime was.

The rain has to be constant for every lap for every person. Please fix Turn10.

Ya, it is a mess. Even if the rain picks up like crazy usually the out lap and second lap are dry or relatively. So you can hit a monster time on that second lap.

Even the varying dry conditions need to be the same. On Road Atlanta there are a few turns when its sunny that are really easy to seewhen to brake and hit the apex. When it in that slightly cloudy mode it changes the marks to brake and turn.

Needs to be more uniform.

Just make sure the host puts a (vw) or (mm) as the case may be next to your name …