Why dont the dumb drivatars get internal damage?

They crash way more than me , slam into walls, flip in the grass, but they all seem to drive away undamaged! I cant stand why the computers are invincible now! please give them damage for their dumb mistakes


Now that sounds like a great idea to add if you turn on simulation it should for all (drivatar or not).

I agree. I have seen far to many drivatars smash there way through the pack and me and come away with no damage. Also I would like the AI or Drivatars to use the same assists or no assists as me.

Yup, I agree with this - if Simulation damage is on, it should be for all cars. Kind of annoying when a drivatar car causes a bad crash and then speeds off into the distance, leaving you as a smoking wreck!

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I agree. It’s bull that they can smash their way to victory and not incur any damage.

Totally agree! It’s annoying to get caught up in a drivatar crash/mistake and then for them to drive off and for you to limp home…tad annoying.

Had my first real problem with this the other night when I was leading and a drivatar barreled up the inside of the last corner and totaled me into the wall, it went on to win and I went from 1st to 14th in a smoking wreck of twisted metal

When a drivatar slam a wall without damage, that’s non sense.

I would love to see this happen. Even at some of the higher skill levels I’ve seen some crazy mess from Drivatars which doesn’t seem to slow down/damage them at all.

I like the Drivatar function. They doesn’t drive like normal AI racers. Every race and every corner is different like it is with human players. But for me the Drivatars are a little bit too aggresive and there should be the same rules for everyone. If i get a damaged car, they should get damage too. It’s hard to get hit in the trunk at the first corner and drive on with a dameged car and than get overtaken by the crasher because he has no problems.

They’d never finish…

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past Forza games had damage to the AI cars. I remember seeing cars blowing smoke out of their back end. I think they should be damaged in Forza 5. Especially when they initiate the contact.

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My car collided head-on with a drivatar and was badly damaged internal.
Therefore my car died, but drivatar ran away at full throttle.

In Forza4, AI cars were also damaged the engine and suspension etc.
But they seem to be invincibility in Forza5.

I see where we’re going with this, Drivatars should suffer damage, but I have a sneaky feeling (with the way these guys often drive) that by the end of the race very few of them would still be running . . . . First few corners are often just demolition derbys.

Have since moved away from racing to time attack rivals and freeplay, and my laptimes have dropped considerably (and are much cleaner) with no drivatars in the way. I’m hoping this will improve my own drivatar with these clean, fast laps but not sure they count?

I get the fact that with damage on there’s a good chance they won’t finish but wouldn’t this encourage better cleaner racing for the players especially when they’re being rewarded depending on how these drivatars finish in those races. At the moment it’s damn near impossible to play any race cleanly and as a result i’m constantly restarting the race trying to ensure that my own race is legal.