Why Does Wheel Control Feel So Bad? (PC)

This is the first Forza game I have played on PC and it has by far the worst wheel control support of any racing game I’ve ever played.

Compared to:

Assetto Corsa
Dirt Rally
Project Cars

I would compare the realism and control feel of cars in Forza to Grand Theft Auto. i.e. very unrealistic

So far quite disappointed in how this game controls.

This is an arcade game whereas the ones you mention are either simcade or full bore simulators.

The only one of them I haven’t played is beamng.drive. comparing them is like chalk and cheese

FH4 can be playable with a wheel and extremely enjoyable, give it time and adapt to the basic fact this is more arcade than what you’re used to.

I don’t understand why not being a “simulation” means cars must control poorly with a wheel.

I don’t understand why a big budget game driving game fails to convey an accurate representation of what it is like to drive a car.

Because it’s completely broken compared to driving on a keyboard or controller - try it, the cars/physics behave differently between those and a wheel.

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They don’t have proper force feedback support. Drifting is way easier on forza 7 with a wheel because they let you customize your wheel settings with more detail. In fh4 I find drifting hard as the wheel doesn’t turn on its own as much and correcting under steer can be a pain. Its a shame they don’t have proper wheel support i was looking forward to using my logitech g920 but I’m far better with a controller.