Why Does This Site Not Have The Car List For This Game?

I mean, when you look at the Games Section of the site, theres a Cars section for every game except for this game (and Horizon 4, but thats excusable as its not out yet). even FnF and Apex get their own Cars section. It doesnt make sense

In the mean time try this one: Forza Motorsport 7/Cars | Forza Wiki | Fandom

The official car sections for these games are largely incomplete, as they are never updated for additional DLC and updates. This is apparent when you notice that the only game that has a Porsche section is FM4. In my opinion, the community is always a better resource for these sorts of things. In addition to the link above, you can also check out the following resources:


If it’s the real life informational paragraphs for each car that interest you, there is loads of information to be had through simple internet searches for each vehicle.

but the Porsche pack was DLC for Forza Motorsport 4

Not sure, but I highly recommend ManteoMax.com. His lists are up-to-date and include tons of additional info.

It’s probably too much work for too little gain in terms of pageviews, and people who know Google-fu will find more comprehensive community lists (like Max and KudosPrime) anyway.

Getting photos together for Forza Motorsport 6 was a massive undertaking as about 50 community members took pictures.