Why does the game display XP twice?

Finally purchased the game for myself and noticed something which either I hadn’t noticed before or it has been bugged lately - after a race the game displays XP twice but it doesn’t display how many credits I’ve earned from that race. Is that a bug? And if it’s not, is there any setting to make it display credits amount earned, instead of a second set of XP?

Credits earned come after you return to Freeroam after a race. The XP showing twice is likely before and after you level up, which comes often at first.

No, it’s not that. I know about leveling. Immediately after the race (and after “Finished 1st”) it shows blue XP and pink XP. Pink XP is leveling, the blue XP remains unclear what it is. I suspect it’s supposed to be credits.

CR are shown directly left of center screen once you re-enter the world after an event - this is not a bug it is how it has always been in this game. They do not total CR in the event screens any more.

XP can count out in a few different places and depending on a few different factors… you’d have to be more descriptive on when and where you see this “Second set of XP” appearing to really drill down into what it is. (Eg: what race are you in, what series? Online? Tour? Online has it’s own set of Leveling XP just FYI for badges.)