Why does matchmaking for team adventures have to be so frustrating?

They really need to do something about that.

First of all you go through multiple “not enough players” messages and then when you finally do get in chances are you’ll end up with an offroad event with what is for me the second least enjoyable part of the game after the playground games. The freeroam rush. Utterly frustrating and pointless. You really should be able to choose between offroad and proper racing.

And when you do finally get a racing event you inevitably get teamed up with some idiot who thinks it’s a good idea to push you off the road so he can be 5th instead of 6th (They’re rarely any higher up than that.)

Forgive my rant. I just get so annoyed by it. After 8 attempts to get into an adventure this morning I finally got in and joy of joys it was an A800 road race. Then just as the first race was about the start xBox live decided it didn’t like me any more and disconnected me. GAHHHHH!!!


Yes, I understand the problem of diluting player numbers, but I think the game could cope with giving a choice between “Tarmac” and “Any”. Tarmac would be road or street, and Any would be road or street or dirt or cross country. So nobody would fail to find an adventure by choosing Any, as the worst case would be they’d get placed into a road or street adventure with people who chose Tarmac. If they did this, I’d play a lot more ranked adventure. I’m not going to spend the time raising a ticket, though, as it just increases my frustration at things not being done when I’ve invested more time into requesting them.

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The “not enough players” issue is very annoying as it should be very easy to solve. For FFA, it starts a game whenever 10/12 sign up, which tends to happen first time on most occasions, but for Team it requires 12/12, which requires just one person failing to accept to prevent a match. Why not just have 10/12 for Team as well? There’s no downside to that as often, by the time it’s actually loaded, it’s 6v5 or 5v5 anyway. This is an easily solved problem.


To be honest I doubt if we’re going to get any of these changes we’re asking for. I guess most of the dev team are working on the next game rather than updating this one.