Why do you prefer the 997 over 991?

Hi! As a Porsche GT3 fan, why do you prefer the 997 over 991?

I don’t know what the difference in lengths is between the two models in terms of percentage, but to me the 997 looks right, the 991 looks too long. A 911 should look stout and squat and hippy, not lithe. Leave that for the Cayman or Boxster.

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I don’t speak in terms of forza here or gt3 but In terms of a 997.2 Carrera S and 991 Carrera owner and it’s pretty simple for me. I’ll start with the 991

It had better brakes. Sounded better, and had less understeer and sharper turn in response. But had worse visibility, the 7 speed manual was horrible and notchy in comparison to the old 6 speed and the electric steering while the salesman assures me 95%of people don’t know the difference I certainly do. It took a while for me to approach corners with the same confidence as I did the 997 even with better brakes and steering, but due to the lack of feedback from the steering even though it could and would corner harder and faster then it’s predecessor it never told you that it could. And as a result it required you just having a pair of large items whilst you break the will it/won’t it barrier when heading into a turn. It always did though. Eventually you get used to it. However I would always choose a mechanical steering set up to this. However I’m reliably informed by the time the gt3 came along this was far improved due to tweaks in the settings.

The 997.2 for me is still the one I prefer. It’s far simpler a machine. Visibility simply isn’t an issue with small enough pillars and big enough windows that you damn near a have perfect 360 sight. Mine wasn’t equipped with front parking sensors and it just didn’t matter, I could place it cm perfect. The brakes were rubbish when cold (obey all speed limits for first few miles at least before expecting full stopping power) and quite spongey I though there was an issue with them initially but again just a Porsche quirk that you do get used to, but ultimately it come down to the simpleness as I mentioned above. The 991 has the complex panamera layout with buttons all over the place. The 997 was simply a steering wheel, 3 pedals and a strange stick between the seats. And a proper steering system that fed back each bump and ripple in the road and just felt amazing. I loved my C63 but id be lying if I said i wouldn’t rather be on a twisty road at 7500rpm manually shifting a 911. There’s simply no better feeling.

Hope I haven’t rambled too much about the lesser model to which you initially asked about. But God I loved my 911 and frankly love to share the experience.

Ultimately if I had to choose I would choose the 997.2 GT3 RS 4.0 but only because I know its appreciating in value.
For sheer perfonance and laptimes 991 GT3 RS all day long.

When it comes to the standard car…997.2 Carrera s manual all day long.

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