Why didn't i win nothing?

Seriously , i am registered on ESL open (10.000) players…in the second week i was in the top 10% players , same for the last week. I didn’t get nothing and there is no clue to know if i am gonna win something or not…same for the Warthog…i played Halo 5 and MCC but ok this is fine.
This is a joke.

I’m in the same boat as you here, this is getting ridiculous now. T10/whoever’s lack of any response to those who haven’t received their codes isn’t helping either.

Not sure what is more ridiculous. T10 as you say, or the users that don’t read. If I was a betting man, I would go with option number 2.

Rules state that prizes will be sent within 90 days of the end of the competition? Has it been 90 days yet? No? Then they still have plenty of time left.


Yes, but seeing as many others have received their codes, it is ridiculous. While it hasn’t been 90 days, I don’t really think that makes a difference when, like I said, most people have received theirs.

Same boat means you also complain about W2 & W3 and no-one says to have them. Only W1 are fully or partly send.

From the posts over this forum and reddit, a handful of participants received the code of the first week. Without knowing exact numbers, is hard to say “most people”. Most likely is being sent in waves, as this things take time.
And until all Week 1 codes have been sent, I wouldn’t expect to get Week 2 and then Week 3.
If you were within the 50%, you will get it before the 90 days.

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Probably takes long to generate Xbox codes for 1000+ players.

Been waiting for my Car Pass since Week 1, and still nothing.

You guys can read, can you? It is stated that it can take up to a few weeks to get the prizes out. And they are not going out in one go. I got my carpass a few days ago and I somehow think that the prizes will be sent out on a weekly basis. So keep calm and play a game or two.


Be thankful for what you did win.

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Thankful for what? I haven’t won anything bar the unicorns. If I was just after the unicorns I would’ve only done one race per league and be done with it. Right now, I’m feeling like I’ve wasted potentially 3 weeks of my life getting well into the top 50% of each weeks league.

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The rules state that all prizes will be awarded within 90 days, with the DLC prizes likely to be sent within 30 days. It’s been 8 days. There’s no reason to be upset until after the 30 days. They’ve only sent some from week one so there’s no reason you would have gotten anything yet.

And the Warthog seemed to have some confusing information. At first I heard the codes were coming the week of the 5th (last week), but the week in review says they will be sent after September 23rd.