Why didn’t we get a FH3 July car pack last year?

Now, you may remember that last year in July 2017, Turn 10 decided not to release a July car pack for Forza Horizon 3 after they released the Mountain Dew FH3 car pack in June. When I first heard this news, I just couldn’t believe what I was reading nor the fact that Turn 10 had made this decision! I mean, how hard could it have POSSIBLY been just to release one FH3 car pack for July?! They could have delayed it instead, but no!

And yet, fast forward to July 2018 this year, and as part of the July update for FM7, Forza 7 WILL get a July car pack, which is sponsored by Top Gear, no less! Which begs the question: WHY would Turn 10 decide last year not to release a July car pack for Forza Horizon 3?!

They had finished their dlc for fh3 by then…no more came after that…except the hoonigan pack

We havent had any new dlc for fm7 for over 2 months now …until july 10th

Not sure what your actual point is
Why did they HAVE to release a July pack when they had met their car pass obligations

Why are you stuck dwelling on the past

The answer would be obvious

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I’m not seeing the begging question here.

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