Why did you screw up the 2019 ZR1

According to this magazine article from Digital Trends. You guys really screwed up on the 2019 ZR1. From Digital Trends "But this terror isn’t one we wish to escape. We’re called to the danger, even finding beauty in the ZR1’s brutal form. Hollowed star wheels in a black satin finish are as elegant as they are severe; brilliant blue brake calipers flicker within their dark housings and complement ZR1 badges on the hood and rear bumper; piercing LED light signatures declare intelligence within a muscle-bound bod.

Then there’s that spoiler. An element of the ZTK track package (which also features winglets for the front splitter and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires), the ZR1’s massive rear wing is not for everyone. Perhaps it’s the fart-can Honda Civics and Fast and the Furious films that have warped society’s perspective, but big spoilers are never taken seriously. Despite the (justifiable) hate, however, the ZR1’s adjustable wing just… works. Perhaps we’d feel differently about a bright orange model, but our tester channels a certain Batmobile cool."

What exactly did they screw up on?

Edit: Nvm, a lot now I’ve looked lmfao.