Why did you ruin the FE Monte Carlo?

Why did you ruin the ONLY GOOD forza edition car?!? It was the ONLY one I could fit the race transmission and brakes onto. What’s you’re problem with letting people tune up these cars the way we want to drive them? Now this thing is USELESS in its division. And all of my tunes are broken. All of the FE cars are crap now. Good job T10, enjoy your casual player base that you’re pandering to with this kind of stuff. Because I’m going back to GT.

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Hey, t10, I’ve got a SERIOUS bone to pick with you. First of all, you ruined the only decent FE car by forcing pre-upgraded parts into the stock configuration. I’m talking about the FE Monte Carlo. The stock PI changed from 334ish to 448. Now I can’t even fit brakes anymore. great job, guys. Oh, and the icing on the disgusting cake that is Motorsport 7? All my old tunes for it are broken. Really great work, guys. I’m sure those casual players you’re pandering to will appreciate not having to look at that scary upgrades page anymore.


Do you play forza games for a living? Just asking because you average 13+ hours a day in horizon 3 over the last year and 15+ hours a day in FM7 since release. You are playing more hours than most adults work, that’s crazy.


damn… 15 hours a day on a game he hates!

Have fun playing GT, at least ya got your moneys worth out of Forza


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Hopefully you realize that this is very much opinion based…(the car, specifically). If I had to pick one FE car To REMOVE from the game out of all the Forza Edition cars on this game, the FE Monte Carlo would easily be my choice… That’s my personal opinion.

I wish that you would’ve picked a better, more legitimate aspect of the game that is “broken” to make your point… This will only resonate with a small group of people because of the specificity of your RANT. When I read this, no matter the legitimacy of your point, it just comes across as some off-base RANT…


Still really want to get my hands on this car. Brakes are the least important Tuning option, so I could live without the race upgrade. Though I’m also not necessarily afraid to break the homologation restrictions, either.

Why it is one of the ugliest cars in the game set on 24inch rims with a smear of rubber on them, you need a step ladder to even get in it, it sits way to high no matter what you do. All T10 need to do to fix is let us sellect smaller rim sizes as whats on it is well just pointles. is one of the very few cars that sit above 12.6 to 16.5 inches, and as they are a levelup reward you can not sell I have 4 and would love to sell you one at the rock bottom minum price of 200,000 in the AH but can not do at the moment. But once we can will be selling them ASAP

Absurd, yes, but better looking to me than the Ferraris, Porsches, BMWs, and assorted super/hyperwedges.

Breakes are one of the first things I up grade, will even drop the front Tyre a size so I can fit Race Breaks and shocks to the car adding the front spoiler makes up for for most of diff in over all grip the tyre size drop makes. But even with the drop in Tyre size you still stop a lot better and breaking distance is shortened a god bit.

By the time you have Added roll cage Aero kit front and back to most cars and drop 1 tyre size you can have a full race up grade, and mabey even a engin swap for more HP, Tuning most cars is quite easy if you are willing to strip the tune and start from scratch. 9 out of 10 times you end up with a car that handles better with more power and speed than what you started with.

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If you think brakes aren’t important I hear Mario Cart is on offer…

The opinion you make illustrates the gaming philosophy that is driving Forza into a full arcade approach. Each to their own I guess.

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All of the Forza Edition cars are equally useless, but what do you mean “all your tunes are broken?” Surely you drive more than FE cars…

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Whats wrong with FE Montecarlo? I dont get it, I drew it only in VIP rivals, and as in stock as fully upgraded it felt very OP, it doesent have any understeer or oversteer for its speed compared to any other car. It accelerates like a rally car, maybe it is a rally car. I cant see any drawbacks at all in this car, outside that there no hoppers for it

nuff said
Monte Carlo FE

Oh my lort, they took an ugly car and made it hilarious.

Yep, just needs a tiger-striped steering wheel cover and some fluffy dice…

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Humm and lets throw in a Zebra paint theme some nice Black and white stripes then we can drive arround pretending we is self employed​:laughing::laughing:

It sits on 24 inch rims and higher than some of the SUVs, I haven’t tested that, but I’ve seen a few people say that. It is completely ruined from a looks standpoint.

I made a bouncy tune for it. Made the car pretty fun doing tricks and flips

From cockpit view it looks like your in one of those bouncy low rider things. Pretty fun see the road and bouncing to see the sky. Lol.