Why did so many cars have to be locked away in Horizon 4?

You may remember that before Forza 7’s July 2018 update, many cars were locked away, and until the July 2018 update, they were only ever offered via League events, Bounty hunters, the Specialty Dealer, etc… I figured that locked cars (you can’t buy them from the Autoshow) would also make an appearance in Horizon 4, and sure enough, they did.

Which got me thinking: why would the developers of the game have to lock away so many cars in Horizon 4 like they did in Forza 7?


Good question. I understand - like in Forza 7 before the updates - some cars might be locked in a career mode, so you get rewards while you progress.

Getting cars through wheelspins only is no good idea. I had several hundred wheelspins and many locked cars are still missing. I had loved to buy the Austin Taxi, so this is disappointing, because I can´t have it now. And I will be disappointed when I eventually get it in a few months (by chance) when nearly every race and challenge has been done.

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Cars being unbuyable and being unlocked only from races and barn finds and stuff is nice Makes it feel like I am earning stuff.
But wheelspin broke the game for me, All I want is a Crown Victoria really, I then read it was wheelspin only. never seen it there… and this has kind of soured the whole experience seeing it is an item that is pure chance only.
Made even worse by the fact I can’t find a real P71 interceptor in my country for sale either. What is this, the rarest car on the planet outside the US?


simply play the game and get the cars…easy

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Except that its not as simple as “play the game and get the cars” when the wheelspins are rng. I have redeemed about 150+ reg wheelspins and 10+super this week and not once seen the Crown Vic., 04 wrx, or hummer h1. Some cars are nearly unobtainable.


I have the H1 Alpha if you’d like it… I’ll never use it
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Because people thought Forzathons in FH3 were TOTALLY COOL!!!

That was the start. What happened in FM7 was a development of it.

All these cars are equal chance. I don’t have the Hummer either, but I do have the others. And I don’t have the Aventador, nor the Taxi.

If I could hazard a guess, I’d say Taxi is rarest, but I’m probably wrong.

Rarest in wheel spins, maybe. But I’ve picked up several on the AH in the last few weeks for near minimum buyouts.

i have the hummer and the crown vic, but not the taxi. im just waiting till they will inevitably release a patch that lets you buy all the cars like they did with fm7 and then ill get what im missing.

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Really, the cars were all released in the past games? I have been away for Forza for a while. and have only come back this Christmas.

So All I have to do is wait and I will eventually get my Crownvic and taxi then at… some point? Because this is still infuriating.

Why this is? Because of money.

  • Lock content behind a randomizer or straight up paywall
  • Offer people the ability to pay directly for the locked content or increased chance for the randomizer
  • ??? (Actually quite a lot going on here)
  • Profit

That’s basically how most games work right now and companies make a massive amount of cash with it. Rather “simple”.

Of course you can always get lucky and “win” the locked content from the randomizer but since it’s random you very well could spend hundreds of hours to get the “reward” you want.

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I don’t know about “most games” but this is definitely not how Forza works and everyone should be careful about mixing up the difference between rewards and microtransactions.


Except, there are no microtransactions in Horizon. so the money argument doesn’t hold water.


Fair enough.

You can buy treasure maps - those are microtransactions. And even if you can’t spend money to get more wheel spins I still stand by my argument that this is how pretty much most of aaa games released in the last 2 - 3 years worked. And I bet money is still the reason why they exist (even if it’s on a long shot).

Kinda expected FH4 to work the same way as soon as I saw that you can buy treasure maps. Funny how someone can get influenced…

If everything was easily obtainable, this game wouldn’t be worth playing.

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Wheelspin payouts are remarkably consistent. You get one ‘locked’ car every 200 or so wheelspins. Eventually I got them all and now I get duplicates. Non of the locked cars are all that special, they don’t have any special perks and you have never needed them for any event. The only thing that makes them collectable is the perceived rarity as they aren’t in the auroshow.

What you see in the wheel spin has nothing to do with what you win. The selection is made before the wheelspin is populated.

Basically it picks a reward tier, common, rare, epic, legendary then picks a category… Cosmetics, car, cash then picks a prize. Then it populated the wheelspin with other stuff and the spin is shown as a visual ending on the prize already selected. The only random part is the order you win the prizes in. I got the lambo SV immediately, still haven’t driven it.

I now have 80m credits, just missing a couple of epic and half of the rare cars but no interest in buying them, and none that I really need.

Having some cars locked makes the game a little more interesting as you don’t get it all on day one and keeps people playing weekly to collect the new cars. There are hundreds of cars that aren’t locked, it’s not like you have to play for hours just to get enough cash for the next car. No reason for complaint.

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Locking cars behind wheelspins isnt particularly interesting, locking cars behind challenges would be for some but not all. And yes there there are definitely plenty of cars to choose from that arent locked, but what if the car you want to use is? This is where peoples frustration came from in forza 7 and theyve repeated the same game mechanic thinking it would be acceptable in horizon for some reason.

Ive been playing games for a long time and i find it funny how games in the past didnt need these types of gimmicks to keep players engaged. They just made the game and if it was fun people kept playing it. Maybe im just getting old but game mechanics like loot crates and wheelspins arent fun for me. I find it to be a lazy and uninspired way to make a game.


My guess is that the decision was made for both FM7 and FH4 (and maybe even going back to FH3) at around the same time with the goal of “increasing player engagement”. Locked cars would serve as a carrot to keep players coming back week after week for the Forzathons and other events for the chance to get one of these rare cars.

Unfortunately for us, psychologically this does work. I know I’ve logged into Forza many times not because I really wanted to play Forza, but because I wanted to avoid missing out on a car that would be nearly impossible to obtain later.

Long term, this is a very dangerous path for the devs IMHO. For me (and other players I’ve seen in various forums) these types of shenanigans often make the game feel like a weekly chore to keep up with rather than a fun hobby. In the case of Forza’s implementation, it also divides the community and creates a lot of toxic cartel behavior in the AH with the broken “legendary” painter/tuner reward system and obscenely high buyouts.

I got burned out on MMOs for this type of behavior, and I feel the same thing happening with Forza.

It’s disappointing that the FH4 devs didn’t learn from FM7’s mistake and left all the locked cars in at launch, but hopefully we’ll get a patch like FM7 did that puts these cars back in their rightful place in the autoshow and provides a method for players to obtain additional one-off reward cars (barn finds, progression rewards, etc) if they made the mistake of selling theirs (even if it’s in a form that isn’t resellable).


“Maybe”? Of course it was made in FH3! lol

Playground even made us play online co-op in order to win certain cars, and locked two Porsches behind VIP. Forzathons were weekly and, what’s more, they handed out achievements for those who like them. Couldn’t be any more enticing.

People should just stop thinking of FM7 as low point of anything related to content exclusivity, since much of these things people hated in FM7 came from FH3, where they were a success.

Does it make any difference if you let the wheel spin around, or if you try stop it by hitting the button when a prize flashes by? Just wondering if it would be better for me to let it run to whatever it chose out to start with?