Why collect all 266 pts in a series?

Question, why would someone collect all 266 points in a series when you only need 200 points for all rewards? Is there an accolade for completing a full season or something?

Two things: 1) the challange is presented to me, 2) I can do it. It’s a game.

Why do people climb mountains? British mountaineer George Mallory famously answered, Because they’re there. They want to reach the top faster, in a more efficient or elegant way, in a different way than anybody else, or even at all.

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I do it because the playlist will go gold and I like gold


Would be so easy for them to add a credit reward - say 5,000,000 - for anyone willing to go to the trouble to do this.


There is an achievement and accolade Min Meets Max about doing everything in a season

I think it states that this is only complete all seasonal championships in a series - but I reckon youre right because I’ve completed every seasonal championship in series 2 and the achievement didn’t pop.

This series I’ve made it my life mission to complete everything no matter the cost.

Pointless and hate the fact, that I need 20 additional points for monthly second prize.
Same goes for accolades.

Because I can. For the same reason I do all the other things in game like collecting every car, every accolade.

Heh, of course… .Let’s not forget when PlayGround games announced the accolade system in their pre-release live streams they did say they didn’t expect any players would actually finish them all… Little did we know the actual reason would be because the game would ship so bug-ridden it would be impossible to complete all the accolades even if the player wanted to… shrug… Use the product they paid for.

Maybe they should give a 3rd reward for completing everything, just an idea.

I’ll do it once to get the achievement, providing a series is able to be fully completed. After that I’ll do the bare minimum to get new cars; judging by the quality of the rewards recently I should be able to ignore it completely which was the best thing I did in FH4 as I could just focus on doing what I enjoy rather than being coerced into stuff for their stats.


I wouldn’t bother with it unless it gifted 5M.

Yes, there’s an accolade, an achievement. And then there’s a car locked behind an accolade which requires you to finsih all other accolades in the game.

The car isn’t locked behind the accolade though, as it’s an Autoshow car, and if you’ve got to that point, you’ll already have it if you wanted it.

I do everything everu week because I have the time to do everything and it gives me something to do for a few hours. I got the Min Meet Max thingy during early access week so I don’t need to do them. I’ll keep doing them till I get bored of doing them.

Because it’s fun?

There’s an achievement for it. Otherwise it’s useless.

Definitely not for fun like our Tier 4 alt friend said above.

I got Min Meet Max from Series 0, but I’m doing it this month as well to feel like I did some effort for it. It’s the first month where it looks like there’ll be no issues.

With all the issues I ran into in the previous Seasons to get to this, I will call it for FH5 and doing everything after this Season. I’ll just log in to do the minimum for the cars and wait for the expansion which hopefully coincides with a massive patch fixing typos, whatever the online freeroam and Arcade stuff is, and hopefully the ability to turn off cross play. But I think the hole might be too deep now and I’m worried we’ll just see issues ignored.