Why cant i get my thn wheel to work on f4h

I have trying to get my wheel to set up in settings but it wont do it very annoying as I like the plus tmere are a lot of fault s that occur during game play ie menu +sound and loading can anyone help me on fisrt problem I would be happy

I assume THN is Thrustmaster? If so which model is it?

yes it is a TmX FORCE FEEDBCK

I own a couple of different Thrustmaster wheels. The one characteristic I have found with them is that if the Forza game is started with a Xbox One game controller and you decide to switch to a wheel, you need to first disconnect the game controller from the Xbox then connect the wheel. After you answer the game controller has been disconnected notification and you have connected the USB connector to the Xbox and responded to the notification from the wheel, sometimes not all the features are working on the wheel. I need to unplug the USB cable from the Xbox and then after the game controller disconnected error appears, wait a few seconds then reconnect the controller. Then, everything works ok.

The wheels have firmware and Thurstmaster releases updates for the wheels. I have never needed to update the firmware even if there are new versions out there. If it works don’t mess with it has been my rule of thumb. Make sure you read the manual for the wheel. On the cheaper wheels that are sometimes settings within the wheel that need to be setup each time you connect the wheel. One of my wheels that is the cheaper version I needed do each time I connected it. I have found that each Forza game the wheel had a different adjustment I needed to do before I played it.

I have never had any problems with the wheels settings not saving once they are adjusted in the game. Just make sure the wheel is working properly before making the adjustments.

Make sure the Xbox One OS is up to date especially after you do a game update. Sometimes the wheels act a little wonky unless both are the most current versions.

Hope this helps

thanks for info I will give it a try and let you know what happens

I updated firmware and tried again but no joy in fact it was worse xbox did not pick up wheel at all so back to the drawing board for now so I will think of something else what I don’t know somethink might come from out there a bit of a strange one