Why cannot I hotlap?

I still cannot hot lap ive even bought a new controller and the x button still does not work i see the option to to continue but does not work if someone had the same problem and found a remedy can you please pass on the info.

Firmware updated?

Constructive criticism: your topic-title is absolutely lacking any leads for people to click & read it.

Are you trying after a career event or from within the rivals menu?

Have you changed any controller buttons? Try returning to default just as a test.

Rivals mode it gives me the option but dosent work ive ran into people having the same issue but they havent found the problem yet.

For users using auto transmission if they want to enter an online roadtrip they are asked to press X.

Manual transmissions users are asked to press the share button.

When you are asked to continue lapping try the share button (just an experiment to see if these 2 buttons are alternatives).

I did not know that thanks ill give it a try