Why can I not buy the Forza Horizon 3 Expansion Pass for the PC version?

It says it is only available on Xbox One. Why are you making it impossible to let me give you my money, Playground Games?

The expansion pass is available for PC. I purchased it through the Microsoft store 2 weeks ago. When I go to the store page now it says I own this product.

Then how come it says it isn’t available for PC? It’s possible you bought it for the Xbox One. It doesn’t advertise being on PC at all.

It doesn’t show up for me either in the windows store app or webbrowser (it did before though).

If it’s a play anywhere game you should be able to buy it on the xbox one from the website Xbox.com and have it work on your PC much like the game, no?

It is absolutely for PC as well. As long as you buy the Expansion Pass the content of both expansions will be available on both PC and Xbox One…

Yes, but i don’t own a xboxone :-). Also when you go to xbox.com and search for Forza Horizon 3 it will redirect you to MS store anyways (which we PC users have too). But problem remains, it doesn’t show the season pass.

Yes we know, but it doesn’t show up right now for us, so there is no way to buy it. All the other car packs, car pass and vip pass are shown. The expansion/season pass however is not.

Im sure it will be fixed later on i guess, cause i have seen the season pass before.


You can buy the season pass in-game though, it will open a small popup to MS Store on Windows 10. Worth a try if you have the problem described above.