Why are the browsing features set up like this??

The first issue deals with browsing through paints. It’s completely understandable that when I’m in the Festival and I want to search for paints by others, that the search results are limited to paints specific to the car I’m in. But why is it that when I decide to look through the paints that I’ve made or downloaded previously, I have to sort through EVERY paint in my library? Can’t there be an optional filter to limit the selection to paints applicable to the car that I’m in?

The second issue involves the auction house. As I scroll through the cars up for auction, if I see that a particular players’ tune or paint has been applied, the option is there to jump to that individual’s storefront to see what other work they’ve done. When I’m done browsing their storefront, I exit back to the auction list right at the last car that I’ve looked at. BUT… let’s say I decide to bid on a particular car and exit back to the auction list – I’m shot back to the top of the list, to the first entry that was there when I started searching, regardless of whether or not the auction has expired. Then I have to scroll through who knows how many cars before I even see the one that I had put a bid on again. Why doesn’t exiting an auction put me back to the point in the list that I last viewed??

The third issue is somewhat related to the second, as it also pertains to the auction house. Regardless of whether or not I placed a bid on a car, why do I have to exit the auction search completely and re-enter my search criteria before expired auctions no longer appear at the top of the list? Can’t they be set to be removed automatically after a minute or two??


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It’s extremely non-user friendly and really annoying, especially the paints.

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The worst thing about all the paints is that we can’t even sort them by date.

If you want to find a new paint, you have to browse through all of it to see if there is a new one you may like.


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All the above reported before launch of the game, but apparently it isn’t going to be changed.