Why are offline freeplay ghosts broke

So im sure in forza 5 and 6 you could run a freeplay hot lap session by your self offLine it and it would record your ghosts dirty lAp then clean fastest lap . in forza 7 i try to do the same but it seems to just record the last lap every time no matter what . this game should have fixed the lack off off line support with a cool ar app system giving us full controll over break point markers clean vs dirty track limits , ghost records a full section by section lap analysis of our hot laps and races in a top down view . the ability to download leaderboards and save rival ghosts . the lack of options for off line play is sad. I need more tools for increasing my speed and improving my racing through training and less dune buggys and trophy trucks . PLZ !!!

Please continue to use the separate Wish List threads pinned in the FM7 discussion forum.

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