why are my posts deleted? Is it against the rules to criticize turn 10 in any way?

I posted on here earlier about the virtual key contest being misleading and it was deleted. no reason given and I didn’t swear in my post or anything. All I did was literally take a quote from their rules and their contest main page.

for the record turn 10 $336,000,000 is not almost $1,000,000

If I need to repost some place else I will but I’m gonna keep posting here until whoever the person deleting my forum posts gives me a reason why.

this is related to forza 7 so I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be allowed here except turn 10 doesn’t like it.

32 minutes ago you posted in the thread that your other post was merged into.

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Its a Microsoft thing,complain to them,kinda petty anyways!!

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Your post was not deleted, it was merged with the existing thread on the same topic, which is still open for discussion.
You can find your previous posts in the My Topics link in the upper right corner of the site.
I looked at the Official Rules, and you raise an interesting point. However, if you read the rules you’ll also notice that “Turn 10” isn’t mentioned anywhere in them. The Sponsor is Microsoft, the Administrator is HelloWorld, and the site is Xbox.com. If you have an issue with a promotion you should raise it with the appropriate party.

Forza Forums Code of Conduct:
“All decisions with regards to thread closure and movement, permanent and temporary bans, and membership issues are made by Turn 10 and its forum admins are final. That being said, constructive criticisms and suggestions are welcome, provided they are directed to Turn 10 Administration via private e-mail, here: forzafb@microsoft.com

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