why all the roadtrips?

Anybody else tired of having to do a road trip before every championship? There’s more where I’m at so why do I have to go somewhere else to race? This isn’t free roam, this is being herded around. I’ve spent 4 hours in road trips already, that could’ve been a lot of races.

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I assume that like the guided progress at the beginning of the game the design is intended to get you to experience other things besides the start-finish events or at least expose you to more of the environment.


I think they wanted to be able to say the game would take 100 hours to complete to make everyone think it had more depth. At this rate I’ll have 50 hours in road trips. Seems like a filler to keep you busy. I’m just sayin I would rather be able to choose my own path, not be stuck with the same ones over and over again.


I love the road trips. The only problem is, its a little bumper carish.


From limited experimentation, I have not been penalized for finding my own route. The game doesn’t seem to care has long has you beat the timer. Doesn’t save you from having to do them, but it does help some with the bumper cars dash aspect.

Road trips are so pointless, just let me do the championships. Why do I need a road trip all the way back to the first place I’ve been?


Road trips were one of the downsides in a number of reviews.

I don’t mind doing them, it adds a little variety.


I like them. It gives you a small amount of time to view the area. Work went into the game and this is one way to see it. If you don’t like it just drive as fast as you want back. It’s not like you have to follow the road.


I think that the roadtrips are nice in Singleplayer, as it takes you from city to city and allows you to see everything. But sometimes I find myself wishing there was a more streamlined way to race in multiplayer. Like a classic Forza5 lobby-type system. Having to roadtrip between every single race can be a bit monotonous.

Doing race after race is monotonous, the road trips break that up.


Anyone asking “road trip = why?” has missed the point, I’m afraid.


Totally agreed. Forza Motorsport is about racing and nothing else. Forza Horizon is about exactly that - the horizon! It’s a driving game more than a racing game, so personally I love the fact that there’s a road trip between races. That way there’s a nice cool-down period of driving which also makes the races feel like special events.

Yeah when people spend £40-50 on entertainment and it turns out that some people find a significant part of it tedious it means they’ve missed the point.

It’s frustrating when people like you come into these threads and basically say well your all wrong, is some people not enjoying a part of the game really that much of a problem for you?

Hey, pal, the forum is for sharing opinions. My opinion is that FH2 is about more than just racing, and those that get annoyed at having to drive outside of a race have missed that point. Sorry to wreck your whole day like that.

Thanks for backing my point, PPi. Cheers!

Yeah and I shared my opinion right back. You just didn’t add anything to the discussion, I mean you don’t even elaborate on why you think people have missed the point. Thanks for the heartfelt apology it’s made me feel a lot better.

Sorry about that, but I was reacting to the tone of YOUR response. I haven’t elaborated since I can’t put it any better than PPiDrive did. That being said, you’ve been arguing with HIM, too, so what’s the point? As a rule I generally don’t engage with overly angry folk, so I guess we’re done here. We could have had a proper discussion about it had you been less confrontational.

Carry on.

You are = you’re but that’s beside the point.

All the people that find the road trips tedious and none enjoyable and want nothing but back to back races do have a place to go if they want to play a Forza title. It just so happens that Forza Motorsports 1 - 5 exist just for that purpose. Forza Horizon 2 was advertised from the very beginning as a driving game and having road trips and destinations that you would have to travel between. It was never advertised as a “strict and pure racing game” so while some may find it tedious, they cannot say they did not know what they were getting into. Either they saw the advertising, knew what the product was about, and bought it anyways and now they’re complaining about it or they bought the game without knowing anything about it and now they’re complaining but then it could be said they could have done some research and been more knowledgeable about their purchase. In either scenario, yes they have the right to complain, but they also should have known better.

That’s the point of view I have at least, and I’m sure that B Wald has a similar point of view. The product was designed and advertised a certain way and those who bought it thinking it would be otherwise have missed the point. Those thinking that the developers will change the design of the game because someone bought something they don’t like have also missed the point. If what you’re looking for isn’t driving, but back to back racing, I point you towards the following products:

Forza Motorsport 2
Forza Motorsport 3
Forza Motorsport 4
Forza Motorsport 5
Grid Autosport
Need for Speed Shift
Need for SPeed shift 2
Need for Speed ProStreet
F1 2011
F1 2012

I think you get the point. There are several games that were made for racing and doing nothing but race after race after race to no end. This was never one of those games. If it was hard for you to save up 50 quid for your entertainment, maybe you should look into what you’re buying a little better before you make the purchase.

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You couldn’t drive around with out being directly told to by the game? I actually enjoy aimlessly driving around having fun, what I don’t enjoy is the way the game nannies your through the whole process. I bought this thinking it was a driving sandbox/open world style game like forza horizon 1 which I greatly enjoyed. Generally sandbox games are most enjoyable when the player has a lot of options and flexibility while playing the game, which I don’t feel this game has. You’ve missed the point: I’m not saying I want a racing game I want a game where I have freedom to make choices about how I play it. Is it really hard to imagine how I got the idea that this game would be like that after I had played horizon 1 and looked at previews.

I did look at reviews of the game but as is common practice now, unfortunately, a lot of reviews seem to have been rushed for the release of the game. A lot the blurb before hand is put out there by the devs so it’s going to be overwhelmingly positive, they wouldn’t openly say ‘well horizon one was great but a bit short so we decided to heavily pad the game with enforced road trips and just an absolute ton of races rather than coming up with more actual original content ideas for the game’.

I’m well aware of the risk of buying anything, but as you’ve said I have the right as a consumer to voice disappointment with any product that I’ve bought. I just feel that some people that come on here don’t have any understanding of that. I get that this is probably one of the worst places to come due to the amount of fanboys that seem to take it as a bit of an insult if you don’t like the game. However at the same time it’s the most likely place for any complaints about the game to be taken in by the developers.

I really appreciate the patronising tone by the way but at least you actually made some points rather than just saying errrr your wrong.

I feel that this game has quite a few issues but I’m glad people enjoy it. I just don’t understand why people can’t accept that some people find elements of this game irritating. Would road trips being optional really ruin the game for you?

I like the road trips, it adds to the game. Part of what makes FM boring after a while is the fact you do the same thing over and over. In FH if you were just doing race after race it would feel like a grind. The road trips are laid back and in my opinion allow you just enjoy driving the cars. During races you can’t enjoy just driving the cars.

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