Why all the hate?

It’s been so long since I’ve visited the Forza forums that I forgot what this community can be like. It seems like the forum is chock full of people who hate Forza 6. And I’m not talking about people who have issues with the game, I’m talking about people who just completely dismiss it. The same was true for Forza 5; I recall that at one point, every other topic on the forum was about someone hating the game. And you’ll see hate on any gaming forum, of course, but not this consistently.

Even if we ignore the question of why someone would frequent a forum dedicated to something they don’t like, I don’t understand why this seems to be so common for Forza. It’s especially confusing because now people talk about 5 like it was perfect compared to 6. Can someone enlighten me?

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It’s the internet. I like both 5 and 6 and all the other editions of Forza.


And a video game forum, lol.

Fans criticise. Fans praise. Haters hate. Trolls troll. Fanboys defend. And the rest of us just try to wade through it the best we can. That’s how video game forums go.


Get yourself away from the General Discussion section. There are two reasons you’re seeing so much hate here:

  1. If someone doesn’t like something about the game, generally they’ll be angry about it. If they’re angry about it chances are they want something done about it, and won’t want to wait for said thing to be done. So, they won’t bother reading through or researching whether or not someone has already made a post about it and, instead of using an existing thread to express how they feel, they instantly create another one moaning about the same thing without thinking about it.

  2. The general discussion area of the forum is the part that most, if not all, people will come to the first time they visit the forum, and most don’t bother searching for a correct place to post their issue thread, so it ends up in the ever growing pile of trash talk in the General Discussion sub section.

I’d stay away if I were you and have a gander at the other sections that are, you know, set up to appreciate the game. Who’d a thunk it.


Well, at least it isn’t just my imagination.

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FM1 - Fun, cool new racing game that was closer to a Sim for console than any game I had played before that.
FM2 - Even better, but missing car clubs
FM3- meh, no user created lobbies, stale single player
FM4 - Awesome on so many levels.
FM5 - Pretty looking Rubbish. Removal of nearly everything that made the franchise great. A glorified semi-broken prologue
FM6 - FM5 with more tracks. Still no return of the features that made the franchise great, but they added silly junk that no one asked for like wheelspins and mod cards. Many bugs carried over from FM5. Feels like a giant copy paste job.

Some of us complain because the guts of the game are quite good. It could be a great racing game, but it falls well short of it’s potential. I can only speak for myself, but it’s hard to watch one of my most beloved games get worse instead of better and the attitude of Greenwalt is that if we don’t like what they are doing with the franchise, then we can just go play something else. It’s frustrating.


And some of you post in every possible thread.


Yes! We’re here because we love Forza and actually care. The frustration is palpable because there is minimal acknowledgement or feedback, which is customer service/experience 101.

And we talk it up a lot because we don’t have anyone else to talk to, the dev team in particular doesn’t seem to be interested in talking to us.

I do hope someone, somewhere is taking note of what is going on here and does something about it. It doesn’t even have to be Turn 10.


Spot on, LOCK3D could not say it better myself, this was the last T10 game I bought if it doesn’t happen a miracle, and we will get back everything that made the franchise great in Forza 4.

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Auction houses and custom public lobbies were what made the franchise great? Because here I thought it was the physics engine, car selection, track selection, graphics, and livery editor that made the game great. Then again, I’m wondering if night races and rain are also “silly junk that no one asked for”.

I get being burned by FM5, but directly comparing FM4 to FM6, literally the only things I prefer from FM4 are the presence of a few cars and tracks I miss and some of the community aspects. And if I had to choose whether I’d rather have Maple Valley vs. Watkins Glen, a few old-school British roadsters vs. a few '60s Grand Prix cars, or an auction house where I can get sniped by hacked-credit launderers trying to get a unicorn car vs. weather and night racing, hey, I’m going for the latter in each case.


This isn’t a wishlist post, but apparently I have to spell it out or get words put in my mouth, like the above. Features that I believe made the franchise great:

Custom public lobbies
Car clubs
Ability to save long multiplayer replays, crucial for private league racing.
Ability to sort the grid based on lobby points(for a pseudo qualifying session)
Storefront where you could see all of your(and friends and favorite tuners and painters) shared tunes and liveries in one place
Kicking that worked better than it does now, especially in CPLs
Ability to set up proper Cat and Mouse lobbies
Ability to set up a lobby for no PI limit Car Soccer with goal ghosting turned off
Tag on actual tracks

There’s probably a lot more I’m forgetting, but you get the idea.

Auction house achievements were the very last ones I ever got, because I didn’t use it, at least not for buying or selling cars. It was the only way private contests could transfer large sums to winners. This was a big part of the community becoming what it was, great! Private contests for everything imaginable. Now how do you set up a contest with any sort of prize? You have to be Turn10 to do that.

Since weather and time of day aren’t dynamic, I just consider them some more track variations. Forza had some night racing before BTW. Tokyo, NYC… They were well lit, but they were still night races.


Hey man everybody is free to express his own opinion, deal with it.

FM4 was the BEST in Forza Motorsport franchise. It went downhill since then.
I can really feel, as L0CK3D wrote, that FM6 is a copy-paste of FM5.

In FM5, T10 removed the storefront.
Have we seen it in FM6? Nope.
Everything was very well organized. All the decals, all the liveries, all the setups etc. We just had to type a specific username and everything he uploaded was there. Bam. No need to waste time searching for individual items. We could also see the HIGHEST rated items first. No need to waste time to find what we were looking for.
Now we can’t even rate what we want between 1 and 5 stars. We can just put a “like”. And what we don’t like? Nothing we can do about it. Great…
Now when we go search for a setup or a livery, everything is mixed together, the good and the bad.
Also when we want to apply a livery we already own, we have to dig among our oldest saved liveries of ANY car in the game.
How the hell can can you call this other than a complete mess??
Why they removed it? Because of cheaters/glitchers? Ok then fix the storefront, don’t remove the entire popular feature.

In FM5, T10 removed great tracks.
Have we seen them in FM6? Nope.
No more Suzuka, Tsukuba, Mugello, Motegi, Fujimi, Maple, Camino Viejo, Sunset, Sedona.
Are there really so many people who were fed up of them? Aren’t you curious to know how your favourite cars would have handled, how much fun you it would have been in 24 players races, what times would have done with the new physics and possibly in rain and night conditions?
Except for Watkins Glen, I don’t like the new tracks in FM6, at all.

In FM5, T10 removed a very efficient votekick system
Have we seent it in FM6? Nope.
I’m not having fun in public lobbies and it looks like I’m not the only one. It’s over 1 month since the game came out and there are more crashers (individuals and organized groups) than ever before.
Players with police Dodge Ram, Jeep, Lambo Urus, Limousines, muscle cars, even the little Bac Mono…
The report option on xbox live seems to be ineffective (I keep seeing the very same players in FM6 lobbies). I think T10/MS take action against crashers only if you save a replay and send the info to them.
In FM4 you could SEE on your screen if there was a votekick going on in the lobby.
Why was this system removed in FM5 and FM6? Because people abused it? Most of the time it was the crashers themselves who started the vote on innocent players, so that they could continue staying in the lobby (impossible to have more than one votekick active). The simple solution? Allow multiple votekicks visible on the screen.
In FM5 there was nothing on screen, nobody was ever kicked from a lobby and most of the times the game crashed if you voted (known bug)!!!
In FM6 there is nothing on screen and nobody gets kicked. Ever.
I think many Forza players don’t even know that there’s an option to expel problematic players form lobbies.

Other things that I don’t like: very small fonts, not centered cockpits, low sounds (now fixed I guess, but we had them a long time), various bugs, The addition of the limousine (T10, helping crashers even more in public lobbies, way to go!!), etc
Wheelspins? I’m level 83-84 I guess. Countless times I received the lowest prize possible, 25.000 cr, and never received 75.000 or 100-150.000 cr. How is this a coincidence? Countless times I also received mods… but do I care about those? Nope. I don’t play in career mode. What I think that mods do is only make you feel like you’re playing an arcade game. I can’t even resell them because their value is 3.500 cr MAXIMUM (…wow…).

As you see OP, I have a lot of reasons to dislike what Forza has become. I have no idea what happened to T10.

Again, FM4 was the best.


If FM4 is so great, then go play it and stop whingeing.


See this is exactly what I’m talking about.: people who don’t RESPECT the opinion of other players.
Rude and pointless. You’re not going to help the debate in any way.


Hang on, you just said FM4 was the best, I suggested you go play it. What’s wrong with that?
Perhaps you could explain how repeating the same thing in every post you can find helps the debate?

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  1. You said stop whingeing. You can’t tell me what to do.
  2. Why repeat? So that more people will see it. You never repeat yourself?..
  3. How are YOU helping the debate? I’m curious. Telling other people to stop crying? Really?

You have your own opinion? Good, I’m not saying you shouldn’t love FM6.
I play Forza since the third chapter, I’m not a casual players, I want the series to be GOOD. Let me and everybody else say whatever they think about the game.

OP says he doesn’t understand the hate. Maybe now he knows.


You’re obviously under the misapprehension that the more times you complain the more chance there is something will be done. Good luck with that.
Take off the rose coloured glasses, FM6 isn’t FM4, and it never will be. Either take it for what it is or move on.

Still replying and not helping the debate in any way? I guess some users really want to be ignored.


Couldn’t agree more with your every point you made, especially greenwalt, his attitude stinks towards his customers, and if he keeps this up it will eventually destroy forza.
You just have to look at sales figures of the game to see that gamers are turning there backs on this game.
Either Microsoft need to step in and shake up turn 10 ( sack greenwalt ) or give forza to another developer, but if nothing is done forza 7 will be the last forza we will see.


These post sum up most of how I feel about the direction the games have taken and about the so call “hate” for the game itself. It’s hard for those of us who have been around since the early days (FM1-FM4) to see the game go backwards even when it’s on a more powerful system and it further hurts us to come to the games main forum and get nearly no feedback other than “stop complaining and just play the game or move on” or the “we hear you and are looking into the problem” and then get nothing or when REAL complaints get over looked for casuals just wanting things handed to them( Like when they started giving away money and cars in Forza 5) it just sucks.

Another thing is kinda erks me(maybe some others as well) is that the game is getting more casual and less sim and that shouldn’t be the case when that is exactly what the Forza horizon series was targeted at. There’s always going to be complaints (I’m guilty of it as is nearly everyone on this forum) but when the complaints are constructive and not just brats who want things given to them well it shouldn’t be a problem