Who's excited for the Bugatti Divo?

As we know from the Turn 10 stream ‘banner’ that was released a few days ago, the Bugatti Divo is being added to Horizon 4!

What are you thoughts?

I’m not not-excited, idk, Bugattis aren’t really my thing (their “track focused” car still weighs more than a small house).

BUT weird/unique/interesting/whatever engines are very much my thing. So another chassis with a w16 to mess with is a good thing.

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Not excited at all. Another Boring Super/Hypercar that you can’t do anything with.
Would’ve loved a hot hatch, seeing as those categories haven’t seen a car added in 7 MONTHS!

I’m exited!!

Bugatti Divo

I am not that excited because we haven’t gotten the car for a year and now I am focused on the centodieci.

I liked the Divo in The Crew 2 and thus I’m curious as to how it will perform here. Given its weight and bhp I don’t think it’ll do much on S2 998 but who knows. PG has programmed some weird stuff from time to time…599XX Evo…
Hopefully it won’t turn into another Rimac _C2 atrocity.

Well the Divo is the first new Bugatti that to me doesn’t look completely like it is made for rappers and greying music producers. If it is a half decent drive I think I could like it.

Excited though? No.

Guess it would be available from another Hyperspeed Trial as all new S2 cars though x)

I see no point adding the Divo when you can throw a V12 in a Datsun and outperform it, this is the problem with this game it’s too arcadey.


I would be quite a bit more excited if we were getting something besides all the cars being in S1 and S2 class.

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Was the OP the same person who posted the same stoooopid question about the VW last month?

Nope . (Slow day here so I looked it up)

Not me, i’m looking up for the CCGT

Not me. Bring in the Toyota supra 2020. Maybe in Forza Horizon 5 though. :slight_smile:

I’m not going to complain about free content but I haven’t liked any Bugatti so far. The looks don’t do it for me and they handle like a cruise ship.

Nope, modern Bugatti’s are just very good versions of the stereotypical American car, huge engine + can’t go around corners for squat.