Who wants a "Day One Edition" McLaren MP4-12C code?

Title says it all. I’ll accomodate as many as I can. Requests will be cut off at 10 AM saturday.

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I’ll take one.

yes please.

If your for real of course is like to have one…please and thank you

He is legit. someone else posted a code that I missed out on. A few days later Texan had PM’d me one. He’s pretty awesome like that.

Edit: Just realized this post was concluded. Oh well I still vouch for Texans legitness.

I wouldn’t mind in having one, but just one question: Are these legit codes?

What is the Day One Edition McLaren 12C? I have a Day One console and a Day One Forza 5 and neither came with a 12C. Day One Forza 5 came with a Gallardo, as Audi TT and a Focus ST.

sure, I’ll have one, I think thats the only McLaren I don’t currently own

i need one please!! thanks!

I would like one please :slight_smile:

HEY! why not right? Just spent all the money I had on the stupid Venom.

These codes don’t give you the car into your garage, only make it available for purchase in the game. And yes, these are legit codes, haven’t heard of anyone NOT being able to use them.

Yes please :slight_smile:

Can I have one please thank you

I’m in sir

If you have any left, I’d be grateful for one.

Same here! I would like one!

Me please. I’m trying to drive the vanilla car in the VIP challenge and I even keep it moving in a straight line - might as well drive a hot version if thats the case.

Hi :slight_smile: that would be great thanks

Who doesn’t love a freebie?