Who thinks PGG should add more Formula Drift cars to celebrate the new season?

2022 Formula Drift is in season, how about some new cars?

For example, Jhonnattan Castro’s GR86 Drift Car

Or even Chris Forsberg’s new car. A 1300 HP Nissan Z with a VR38DETT

There are some pretty crazy ones competing this year too. What about Darren Kelley’s TWIN SUPERCHARGED V12 Vantage?

Or even some of the more “normal” drift cars. I’d love to see Michael Essa’s BMW or Odi Backhis’ S15

We can only hope these get added. For now, you can play around with Denofa’s Mustang, Aasbo’s Supra, Tuerck’s GR Corolla, Dan’s Supra, JTP’s Mustang, Matt Field’s Corvette, Kearney’s Viper, Federico’s Ferrari, Kyle’s RX8, and some other older FD cars from previous years.