Who here has actually purchased Nurburgring?

Do you feel that it is a fair price at $7? Why buy something on Apex instead of Horizon or next full game?

Not sure I understand your question on why buy for this game instead of Horizon or the next game. Seems like you’re implying that the idea of “I’ll skip Forza 7 because I have Horizon 3” makes sense. They’re very different types of games. They’re not interchangeable. The only reason not to get the games/dlc is because your budget doesn’t allow it or you don’t feel the content is worth it. You buy the expansion because you want to play more Forza 6 Apex. When Forza 7 comes out it’ll also have expansions, which you’ll buy if you want more content for Forza 7. You’ll buy Forza 7 if you want a racing oriented sim feel. You’ll buy Horizon if you want the arcade festival open world feel.

I bought the premium expansion thing. Thought it was worth it. Good number of events, cars, and the nurburgring is great fun.

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The price is very fair but I doubt many would bother. No 21:9 support, no USB pedal or USB button box support, no OSW or Accuforce support, makes this racer a non starter for many PC gamers.
All of the competition out there, rF2, AC, iRacing, etc. support those items fully. It makes little sense to spend money on Apex to be so limited.
I hope T10 can figure this out in an update or by the time FM7 is released.


I bought the DLC mainly for Nordshcleife itself, it’s an insane track and as I’m getting upto 150fps maxxed out @ 1080… doing stuff like this.

I heartily agree about custom resolutions and also Multi GPU support as I REALLY want to take full advantage of my 3 144Hz freesync monitors and pair of 8GB R9 290X’s. but with Zen and Vega looming I might not NEED a 2nd card for triple screens.

TBH I think T10/PGG are most likely working on FM7 and FH3 DLC’s and (Hopefully) fixing the issues plus adding more wheels to the support list. So Apex is almost an afterthought and languishing in digital limbo with ever repeating spotlight events, when the servers are up that is… sigh*

Personally having now PAID for part of the game I think T10/PGG are therefore obliged to at least respond in either a positive or negative fashion. at least SAY SOMETHING!!! Other than “BUY DLC!!!”

I have FH3 and whilst it’s fun for what it is, Apex is more my “cup of tea”, a good salve for those of the same racing persuasion would be Online play in apex as it stands right now, after all FH3 DOES work @ 5922 x 1080 but it’s not worth the hideous fps rate hit or settling for minimal GFX settings…

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This is exactly how I feel as well. I have never been able to commit to a Horizons game because they fell like a less serious version of the franchise. Since we’re on PC, we’re very limited to options, and I absolutely refuse to cave on an Xbox One JUST for Forza Motorsport 6.

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PC has limited options for open world games like Horizon 3 and car customization like the Forza franchise.

What we’re not limited to are sim racers that feel better than Forza could ever feel(as a wheel user, Forza probably wins when it comes to using controllers). :smiley: iRacing, rFactor1 and 2, Assetto Corsa, Live For Speed, Automobilista, Raceroom Racing Experience and I’m probably forgetting some others.

If we want to go back to some older titles, we have the Race series, the GTR series, GT Legends, Grand Prix Legends, Richard Burns Rally and even Nascar Racing 2002 if you’re into ovals.

The only thing PC is limited in is console styled arcade racers and simcades like Gran Turismo and Forza…

Shadowplay and AMDs ReLive both can capture and stream Windows Store apps, I also know I can use OBS Studio to capture Windows Store apps if I select the AMD hardware encoder to use my GPU, not sure about nvidia users other than shadowplay. Oh yeah, pretty sure Xbox DVR can do capture the gameplay as well, though, I keep it disabled because I don’t like my frames dropping in every game I’m playing because it’s always recording, watching, waiting…

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Don’t mean to hijack the thread, but how do you record the gameplay?.

Ps. DLC worth the money btw :).

I’m currently using game DVR on the XBox App or AMD Re-Live but these can cause crashes when running at the same time so one has to be disabled. Mostly it’s the XBox app but I’ll be trying Re-Live more in future.

BOTH have a facility to constantly record your gameplay as you play but this will almost always cause an fps hit or minor stuttering while playing (Both demand access to CPU and GPU and will be constantly using the HDD for the recording).
You can turn off the live recording feature and just use the start recording control instead. Less stuttering etc and doesn’t fill your HDD with 2 hours footage you have to hunt through later.

Not much difference between them otherwise but I really want a good capture card in the future. NEITHER are anywhere near the quality of Fraps but that doesn’t work with DX12 and created MASSIVE video files due to lossless recording and would effectively steal upto 60 fps…

OBS Studio can capture DX12 has better performance than Fraps and the quality is good as well.

Tried OBS but the quality was so much lower than Fraps, my old GAS YT videos look as good as Apex even after YT has butchered the quality as well.

IMO I want the vid’s I record to be as high quality as the image I’m seeing in game, guess it’s time for a capture card and a 2nd rig dedicated to vid recording then.

No game is worth downgrading from 144fps on a £2,500 PC with £850 worth of monitors, £260 racing cockpit and a T300RS + TH8A shifter and T3PA pedals, to a console, controller and a TV, Seriously???

Nah, not a hope in hell.

As for FH3 it’s ok if you accept it for what it is, an open world arcade racer, good thing is tuning knowhow and real world racing techniques DO work so it’s good fun and a time filler for now. It replaces Grid autosport for me as that’s almost dead now.

So for now I guess it’s a wait of 10-11 months for FM7 if past schedule is anything to go by… That and hoping we get the features we NEED plus some we want in Apex…

But back on topic, the DLC was indeed worth the money it cost, getting perfect corner after perfect corner in any car is just a joy. All the other tracks are challenging but the full course is a brutal test of skill, nerves and also patience. Particularly when you go for max points with difficulty at maximum.

I dunno how many HAVE the DLC by now but in the “wet” vid where I took top spot in the leader board there were 660 to have completed it and that was 23rd November (date the vid was taken as it’s in game and not a replay).

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Sadly as the servers seem down, you can only access the initial races and custom freeplay as all spotlight access is dead… :frowning:

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Servers are back up and just looked 1525 players have completed the 1st DLC premium event on the full course…

I thought about buying it, but as I already have Forza 6 Ultimate Edition (Yes it’s an Xbox One game) I can’t justify buying this for the slim PC version of Forza 6 lacking most of the features.

Before anyone tries to say I need a better computer…
OS - Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit - 10.0.14393
CPU - i7-4930k (6-Core)
CPU Cooler - CoolerMaster Elite x6
RAM - 8x8GB DDR3 (64GB)
GPU - EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti
CASE - CoolerMaster HAF 912
PSU - ThermalTake 1KW
Input - Logitech G500s, Logitech G510s, Logitech G13, Logitech G27
Sound - Creative Omni USB
Storage - 240GB SSD, 3TB Seagate HDD, 2x2TB (4TB) Seagate HDDs in RAID 1.
Monitors - ASUS VG237H, ASUS VS247

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Same reason I wouldn’t buy an Xbox, not for 1 game or even one franchise for that matter.

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Well maybe I am crazy, but I bought both an XBOX 360 & an XBOX One in the past year just to catch up on Forza starting from the first one through six! And I do not regret it, this franchise is worth it completely.

yes, your PC is more than good enough for Apex, I run it on a 965m and its good, much better than H3 runs. I bought it was fun

quite fun yes…

( default windows/xbox recording app)